Tommy Philbin and John McCallum to fight in October

John McCallum and Tommy Philbin will fight at Meadowbank. Pic: SNS
John McCallum and Tommy Philbin will fight at Meadowbank. Pic: SNS
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New British light heavyweight challenge champion Tommy Philbin will box Capital rival John McCallum for the Celtic super middleweight title at Meadowbank in October, it has been confirmed.

MTK fighter Philbin, 27, has elected to move down weight division and a deal has now been struck that will see the duo face off on Saturday, October 7.

Both boxers have been exchanging insults on social media for the best part of a year but will now do their talking in the ring in four months time.

“I can’t believe he’s taken it but I’m happy,” Philbin said. “He just spouts lies. This thing between us has been going on for a while now but I believe I’m going to knock him out. I don’t think he’s a good fighter so I hope he doesn’t pull out.”

Meanwhile, 28-year-old McCallum believes the way Philbin and his trainer Billy Nelson have conducted themselves on social media has been highly unprofessional.

“I’ve never called Tommy out but his trainer Billy Nelson is just a fool,” McCallum said. “For a man of his intelligence, who is well respected, he knows how hard this game is and he’s tried to personally drag me down which I find disgusting. Tommy needs me for this fight more than I need him.

“They’ve tried to say I’ve been dodging the fight but that’s never been the case, a contract had never been drawn up until the beginning of this week. I just want to shut Tommy and his trainer Billy up and I’ll now get that chance.”