'˜An astonishing amount' '“ Foundation of Hearts' biggest monthly cash pledge revealed

Foundation of Hearts have enlisted their biggest-ever subscriber after one fan signed up to pledge £500 every month.

Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 5:30 am
The Foundation of Hearts currently have just under 8000 pledgers. Pic: TSPL

The unnamed supporter will contribute £6000 a year to the fan-led organisation, which is scheduled to assume control of Hearts in spring 2020.

FoH currently have just under 8000 members donating cash monthly, which provides £1.4million in income to Hearts.

The minimum amount each fan can pledge is £10, but Foundation chiefs were stunned recently when one individual signed up to pay £500 a month.

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FoH chairman Stuart Wallace said: “We were contacted by someone who said his dad wanted to put a considerable donation into Foundation of Hearts.

“He then came back to us and said that, having been on the FoH website, his dad was content to become a monthly pledger.

“I went into the online dashboard to check he had managed to set up his pledge properly. I had to get straight back to the son and say: ‘You do know your dad has set this up at £500 a month? I’m not sure if that’s right?’

“The son replied: ‘That’s absolutely right, Stuart. He wants to put £500 in every month.’

“It’s an astonishing amount and we are very grateful, as we are to all our pledgers.

“If you think about it, that £500 is equivalent to 50 members. The minimum monthly pledge from each member is £10.”