Chapo, Granton Goose, El Teapot '“ meet the Bonnyrigg squad

Bonnyrigg Rose striker Wayne McIntosh tells SCOTT THOMSON all about the men who'll line up at Tynecastle on Saturday hoping to stun holders Hibs in the Scottish Cup.

Thursday, 19th January 2017, 7:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th January 2017, 8:47 pm
Wayne McIntosh believes Kieran McGachie, pictured, could play at a higher level - although he claims the striker looks like Boris Johnson


He’s a quiet guy. His dress sense isn’t too bad but he’s not got much banter! He’s pulled off some important saves to keep us in games. He’s a top goalkeeper. You can clearly see he’s played at a higher level.


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Wayne McIntosh will line up for Bonnyrigg against Hibs

We were playing against Tranent last season and the gaffer had started with Michael in goal. He said to Dylan on the bench: “Are you ready to go on?” and Dylan said “How long is to go?”. The boss says “15 minutes” and Dylan replied “Nah, I’m alright.” He told the gaffer he didn’t want to go on! The gaffer just looked to him as if to say ‘Are you joking?’.


He’s a great guy. I’ve known Ross quite a while now from when I played at Whitehill and he was at Spartans. He can play anywhere and gives 100 per cent when he’s playing. He’s got good craic, but I still think he’s out of order for not inviting any of us to his wedding, which I thought was absolutely shocking – that was bad craic!


Wayne McIntosh will line up for Bonnyrigg against Hibs

I rate Alan so much and he’s a brilliant guy. He’s the BFG. He’s just a quiet guy who goes about his business then goes away. We’ve been giving him it tight recently because he’s just had a newborn. When he comes to training and looks a bit tired we’ve been noising him up saying he’s been on the night feed and he’s had the rubber boob on!


Big Moyesy makes the girls go noisy! He’s a great lad. He’s one of the boys who came on holiday when we went to Benidorm. His banter is absolutely brilliant. He’s not really had much game time but it just shows the strength of depth we’ve got in our squad.


He’s been brilliant for us. He can play anywhere in defence and he scores goals as well. The boys call him the Granton Goose, because when he gets bevvied, he says “I’m starting to get loosey goosey.” The boy can drink for a skinny guy. I’d have to say he’s the worst trainer. If you are in his team at the end of training, everybody is like ‘Aw, naw’, because he’s Mr Laidback.


Ruaridh is a good guy and a good player but he can get himself in bother sometimes with his mouth. he can be a bit cheeky. He’s a bit of a posh boy, I reckon, so when he meets guys like me and Kiddo [Andrew Kidd] who have grown up in the schemes I don’t think he’s quite it up to it with the craic!


He’s some boy and what a player as well. He’s a good looking guy – I’ll give him that. He likes a night out and he’s probably one of the reasons why we are staying over in Peebles tonight – so the gaffer can keep an eye on him. I’m sharing a room with him so that’ll be a laugh.


The old ‘turn key’ – that’s what we call him because he works in Saughton prison. He’s a good lad and he’s up for a laugh. The ability he’s got is unbelievable, but I feel a bit sorry for him because he’s got really bad ankles. He’s a not bad looking character as well.


Wee ‘Chapo’ is just full of energy. He’s another good looking wee guyand he’s got a good physique. He’s got a lot going for him wee Chapo. He’s a good player as well. He’s waited patiently, he probably never played as much as he would’ve liked last year but he took it on the chin and got on with it. The fans like him and the manager thinks a lot of him. I would hate to play against him.


Our captain. ‘Naps’ we call him because of his baldy napper. His hair is receding already. I think he’s going to have to get an Anthony Stokes or a Wayne Rooney. He’s been brilliant for us. Hopefully, he’ll be fit for Saturday because he’s played every single game apart from maybe one or two. He’s a nice guy and you get a good laugh with Jonny.


Big Yaya Kiddo’s been one of my good mates since we were young. We went to school together. We played at Edina Hibs together when we were young laddies and won the Scottish Cup, then we played at Lothian Thistle and Whitehill for years. He’s a big guy, but when he gets going he’s got an engine on him. He doesn’t score that much but when he does, it’s usually a good one.


He’s a funny lad. He’s been giving me pelters the last couple of weeks trying to noise me up but I’ve not been biting. Adam can make things happen for us. His crossing is unbelievable and he can score goals as well. He was the one that got us here and his goal was a cracker and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. A lot of the goals I have scored have probably been from a cross from Adam.


El Teapot – that sums him up because there’s nothing inside his lid. He’s a nutter. I thought I was like that, but since I’ve met him, he’s crazy. His legs move that fast, I think they move quicker than his brain does. He’s one of the jokers in the pack, he’s a good lad. He’s on our WhatsApp constantly, he must have too much time on his hands.


Big Jamie has come in and done well after joining from Musselburgh. The big man picked up a bit of a bad injury recently to his back and I’m absolutely gutted for him, because you can see the way he’s moving it’s not right in training, but he is getting there. He was flying for us, he was scoring goals and enjoying himself. He’s one of the quieter ones when we’re in the changing room, but he opens up with a drink in him. I’m hoping he gets himself better soon and gets a smile back on his face.


Big Kees has been absolutely brilliant for us. The boy is a machine, although he looks like Boris Johnson! I think there were a couple of question marks over him when he first came, but the big man has proved everybody wrong. The manager has got the best out of him and he’s been vital for where we’ve got to today. I’ve got no doubt he could play at a higher level. His dress sense isn’t up to much, though. On holiday he was walking about with big, white socks pulled up and flip flops on!


He’s maybe not played as much as he would like. He’s just been unfortunate. With the team doing so well last season, he found it hard to break in. He’s a brilliant player and a goalscorer as well. He’s got good banter but he can’t drink soup – he can’t handle his drink. He gets reeking off about three or four. I think the gaffer had to take him home last time.