Euro 2016: The worst memorabilia, from mini-Rooney to dog tags

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EVERY major sporting event is, of course, an opportunity to celebrate the greatest players in their field showcasing their talent.

But it’s also an excuse for marketing folks to bung a logo on pretty much any piece of tat and flog it to fans looking for “collectible” memorabilia.

The European Football Championships currently taking place in France are no exception and among the replica shirts and commemorative footballs are some truly awful examples of desperate cashing in.

Here are some of the worst examples of Euro 2016 merchandise.

Official Euro 2016 paper cups

Yes, really. For a mere £5 you can have your very own eight-pack of officially branded paper cups. And for another £2.50 you can get some matching paper plates.


Euro 2016 inflatable chair

Because what better way is there to enjoy the football than from the “comfort” of a squeeky, wobbly and slowly-deflating PVC seat a few inches off the ground?

Wayne Rooney minifigure

Who wouldn’t want an “incredibly realistic” 2.5-inch statue of the England captain gurning down at them from their mantlepiece? And for fans of other nations, fear not, there’s a selection of stars from the all across the Euros, all rendered in loving detail.

German balls hat

There are a few bad hats doing the rounds but this one is particularly eye-catching. And not for anything good.

Euro 2016 bodywash

“Bring out the athlete in you” with Euro 2016 shower gel. Pay £5.25 now or wait a month and pick it up for 99p after the tournament.

England dog tags

Replica shirts - Great. Scarves - fine. Badges - all good. Temporary tattoos - if you must. But dog tags - Really?

Edible cupcake toppers

All your favourite teams represented in delicious high-quality vanilla-flavoured wafer card. Mmmm, wafer card.

Red, white and blue Eiffel Tower

The piece de resistance of France 2016 tat and another offering from the official EUFA store. Almost falling into the so-bad-it’s-good category is this foot-tall painted Eiffel Tower. Zut alors!