Fans react to Jamie Maclaren's omission from Australia squad

Australia head coach Bert van Marwijk has axed six players from his latest squad ahead of the World Cup, including on-loan Hibs striker Jamie Maclaren.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 9:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 9:45 am
Axed: Jamie Maclaren was one of six players trimmed from Bert van Marwijk's squad. Picture: SNS Group

Socceroos fans have taken to social media to react to Maclaren’s omission.

Luke Rayner wrote: “How the hell did Jamie Maclaren miss out?”

Ky Kruse added: “He should start focusing on aiming for an Asian Cup spot because he does have the talent, just a shame he misses out on this World Cup, still has another chance in 4 years.”

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Josip Zilic tweeted: “[Tim] Cahill, [Dimitri] Petratos and [Andrew] Nabbout ahead of Jamie Maclaren, always believed selections had a lot to do with form.”

Sam E wondered: “They’re different positions I know but surely Maclaren is better than [James] Troisi?”

Mitchell Mackenzie said: “I’d prefer we relied on [Josh] Risdon at right back and Jamie Maclaren took [Fran] Karacic’s place, Maclaren has been doing well and Karacic hasn’t even set foot in Australia.” #disgraceful

Jarred Hancock added: “Good to see Andrew Nabbout and Dimitri Petratos in. But how are some of these no-names getting a go over Jamie Maclaren? One bloke has never stepped on Australian soil, yet is in the Australian squad ? Bizarre.”

Luke Condick wrote: “Geez, Bert has no idea there’s a couple of other names I would have cut than the names he did.”

Central Coast Mariners forward Corey Gameiro tweeted: “If Jamie Maclaren isn’t on the plane going to Russia with the Socceroos... there is something wrong. What’s the bloke gotta do? Scored goals here in the A-League... wasn’t enough for some? Scoring & finding form now over in the SPL surely has to account for something?”

Another fan, @macec88 said: “Gutted for Jamie Maclaren to miss Socceroos selection. What a response to hearing the news before the match - hat trick! Should be going to the World Cup in mine and many people’s opinions. Wonder what Bert van Marwijk is thinking at the moment.”

Rob Scarcella wasn’t mincing his words: “As of “right now” in each player’s respective careers... Tim Cahill over Jamie Maclaren? Go and get absolutely f****d, Socceroos!”

Max Bambrick was sympathetic: “Really gutted for [Maclaren], really should’ve been moulded in after his first season with the Roar.”

Declan Kelly added: “In my humble opinion wrong move to include Tim Cahill over Jamie Maclaren. I stand to be proved wrong if Cahill does the business in Russia, but somehow I don’t think I will be...”

Andrew McAuley wrote: “Always going to be a difficult World Cup for Socceroos with a patch-in coach but while I get the romance with Tim Cahill, leaving Jamie Maclaren out is an eyebrow raiser!”

Andrea S tweeted: “I’m completely devastated for him, Australia’s most in-form striker and he’s dumped. If we have goal scoring issues in Russia this decision will become even more of a travesty.”

Luke Salmond said: “I just said in a tweet that [Cahill] hadn’t done anything for Milwall, meanwhile Jamie Maclaren has been banging in goals in the SPL and was stiff to miss out.”

Kristina Milicevic wasn’t happy: “No Jamie Maclaren!? Absolutely shocked! There goes our chances...

Mark Levy had a strong opinion: “What more does Jamie Maclaren have to do to warrant selection for the Socceroos? The decision to cut him is an absolute bloody disgrace.”

Brenton Speed was staying balanced: “Jamie Maclaren is a great bloke and fantastic player... but he has struggled to take club form to international level and find space.”

Elsewhere, Nathan Henschke said it was “really disappointing” that Maclaren had been axes while Dozes Suli added: “The fact that Cahill was picked over Maclaren is pathetic.”

Richard Parkin wrote: “Bemused by the Jamie Maclaren outrage, given we have no insight as to van Marwijk’s tactical systems etc yet.

“If he only intends to play one up front, Maclaren simply doesn’t fit the bill. If he doesn’t plan to shift from a 4-3-3 there are players better suited to play wide. The end.”