'˜This is getting silly' - Hearts fans react to standing email from club

Hearts wrote to fans in two sections of Tynecastle expressing their concerns at persistent standing.

Friday, 30th November 2018, 10:57 am
Updated Friday, 30th November 2018, 11:10 am

Season ticket holders in Wheatfield Lower Section G and Main Stand Lower Section N received an email on Thursday with warnings regarding the possible ramifications if fans continued to stand in the two areas.

The club noted that there had been an improvement in Lower Section G, however there were concerns about the Lower Section N. Banning orders and possible section closures were suggested as “radical” actions that may be taken against fans who ignore any request to sit.

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Hearts fans have reacted to the club's email regarding standing at matches. Picture: SNS/Alan Harvey

Such a stance from Hearts prompted much debate among fans.

There was strong feelings from fans who sit in the specific sections. Owner Ann Budge came in for criticism with supporters uneasy with the club’s approach to the situation.

Vic Weddell: “Load of guff. Try tackling the behaviour of certain sets of travelling fans who visit Tynecastle first.”

Stephen Anthony Jones: “Total overkill. Getting a bit bored by it all tbh.”

Nikki Wood: “Bans for standing. For all the great things been done her attitude towards her own supporters at times is not good.”

Philip Caldwell: “I’m a fan of Budge but if she’s trying to create an empty soulless stadium she’s doing a good job.”

Douglas Bell: “Yeah, because standing inside the ground is the most important issue with our club right now.”

Coll Johnson: “Got to be joking, of all our problems this is the least of them.”

kila: “She really can’t enforce this in an area that has always stood since forever without providing a designated standing area somewhere in the ground. She is going very much the wrong way about this, not offering a solution but just pissing people off.”

Sooperstar: “The club are in danger of alienating normal fans.”

@SuperStevoe: “Hearts again threatening to give me a banning order just for standing at a game. The club really needs to get a grip.”

@jamie_herriot: “This is getting silly.”

@HFT3102000: “On Sunday almost every Rangers fan will be standing. I expect them all to be thrown out now. The answer is for @JamTarts to recognise people want to stand and do something to accommodate that. Not to threaten banning orders.”

ShedBoy joked: Main Stand

Wheatfield Stand

Roseburn Stand

Gorgie Stand

False advertising if you ask me.”

There was understanding from many fans also.

Andrew Porteous: “As long is she is consistent with home AND away fans that is fine. Doubt she has informed Dave king mind you.”

Mark Taylor: “It is a seated area...”

Neil Lauder: “Too little too late. Had to move from first row in top level because of selfish inconsiderate people standing in lower section. I go to games to watch and don’t appreciate not being able to see when there is play on the side of the pitch I am sitting at.”

Sir Gio: “These are not Hearts rules. They are the laws”

Dinger: “People do know that its not hearts that decide the rules here yea? The footballing authorities are the ones that made all seater stadiums a requirement. In fact the club has been very accommodating to those who stand and have turned a blind eye to it for years, if folk didn’t act like t**ts recently this wouldn’t be an issue, but with the negative press recently its forced the clubs hand here imo.”

Oliver Twist: “Don’t understand what’s difficult to grasp here. When you purchase a ticket, you’re purchasing the rental of that SEAT for ninety minutes, included in the price is the option to purchase refreshments and the toilets are there free of charge. SEAT = Sit. Stadium rules. Or do we just ignore the stadium rules and wander about and stand or sit where we want.”

allystrachan: “I’m going to assume that the fall out from the Hibs game has meant the SPFL are giving the club it tight & asking what they have done to prevent this. Probably forcing the club to contact the fans. This is just a measure to show the SPFL that the club is trying to sort it. I doubt if anyone will ever get a banning order for standing up.”

Dusk_Till_Dawn: “We’ve reached a level where there’s far too much conflict between the club and sections of the crowd, and I don’t blame the club.”

The idea of safe standing was discussed.

Texia: “Refused to properly look into a safe standing area and now threatening to punish fans for standing in two small sections of a 20,000 capacity stadium. She’s brilliant at business but shocking at fan relations.”

fabienleclerq: “We had the perfect opportunity to cater for a standing section but never. Had we done this they would’ve had control over what part of the stadium etc and been able to house it away from the away end etc. Way off the ball with this Imo, I suppose there’s 3000 emails on route to the underworld as well.”

davemclaren: “Rather than cancel their FoH contributions perhaps the good residents of section N could raise it at the FOH agm as an issue that a potential use of future funds could be for building a safe standing area?”

@andrewcoventry6: “I would like to think that the Hearts would introduce standing sections if this is what the fans (customers) want. Give the fans what they want.”

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