Hearts and Hibs fans react to SFA confrontation charge

Hearts and Hibs fans have been left both confused and indignant after their clubs were charged by the Scottish FA for the second half confrontation in the recent derby at Tynecastle.

Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 12:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 12:43 pm
Hibs and Hearts players were involved in a confrontation during the recent derby at Tynecastle. Picture: SNS/Ross Parker
Hibs and Hearts players were involved in a confrontation during the recent derby at Tynecastle. Picture: SNS/Ross Parker

The incident followed Hibs striker Flo Kamberi’s challenge on Hearts midfielder Oliver Bozanic. A number of players from both sides were involved, with Kamberi shown a second yellow card in the aftermath.

The charge relates to SFA disciplinary rule 204: “Where three or more players and/or members of Team Staff from one team are involved in a confrontation with opposing players and/or members of Team Staff of the opposing team during and/or directly after a match.”

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Scott Marr: The referee caused all of this with his poor refereeing once again. Will he be demoted or punished in anyway like the players are?

Diane Reid: And does Dallas get charged for being absolutely honking? Not fare, if he had done his job properly in the first place would any of this have kicked off??

Keith Wright: Surprise surprise!! Still think Kamberi was sent off for his reaction and not the challenge. P**s poor when he knows he was already on a yellow!

Riccardo Macleod: No worse than the handbags you see most weeks at some game or another.

Dean Jeffrey: How ridiculous is that rule but am I surprised by it NOT AT ALL. So it’s rule 204 and says 3 or more players let’s see if rule 204 gets breached by any other teams and see what happens, which I’m sure it will. Just typical SFA let’s pick on Edinburgh.

William Sutherland: Was there a brawl? No, were punches thrown? No, so what’s the problem ? Oh it’s a Hearts v Hibs game

Grant Ross McDermid: Now everyone will keep a eye on Celtic and Rangers to see if the same rule is applied to them

@johnhmfc1874: What a load of absolute tosh - they’re just looking to try to prove that they’re doing something because of all the other off field problems that took place during the game

@inneslaing: When is this alleged to have happened? The game itself was tousy but not any more than the usual derby fare. Sounds more like an attempt by the SFA to punish the clubs by the back door for what happened off the park.

@VicWeddell: Seen much worse and in fairness most players trying to stop it

@DaveRobertson8: Prob deserved to be fair. Should be enforced for all clubs, not just high profile games on TV.

@NeilBoyle3: Looks like with all the hysteria last week they are making up ways of blaming the clubs now. What a load of rubbish.

@gadgy1874: Opposing players coming together in a heated derby match shock!!

@lindataylor64: Stop the world, I want off. Everything that went on and they mentalists come up with this. I’ve never even heard of such a change.

@pop1874: The Scottish FA should charge themselves for being incompetent muppets

@djs62: Good to see the folk in charge focus on the important stuff eh

Dannie Boy: Somebody wake me up I appear to be in some weird idiotic La La land where madness and stupidity surround me. Confrontation is what football is it’s two sides fighting over a round thing and trying to bang it in a net. Emotions run high as powerful and skilful men clash egged on by baying fans looking for their team to win.

Victorian: I predict our next 3 charges will be:

1. Excessive tackling.

2. Bringing throw-ins into disrepute.

3. Illegal use of pitch sprinklers.

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