Broken Hearts: The fans have their say

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“This is obviously one of the darkest days is the history of Heart of Midlothian Football Club”

Graeme Anderson, Danderhall: “This is obviously one of the darkest days is the history of Heart of Midlothian Football Club. I was shocked by the club statement and how the financial position of the club appears to have deteriorated quite so quickly. It has always been a rollercoaster ride under the stewardship of Vladimir Romanov, but things look very bleak now. I have very serious concerns about our potential to survive. Even if we can muddle through until the New Year, there has got to be serious doubts about our potential to survive beyond that. I have no doubt that the fans will respond to the ‘call to arms’ but the truth is that we’re well beyond that point now and we are relying heavily on someone from the business community to save us from extinction. The club’s handling of the situation leaves a lot to be desired. The fans have a part to play but can’t be held responsible for the demise of the club. The owner is at fault for that and to put out a statement saying that the onus is on the fans is crass.”

Jamie March, Morningside: “I’m obviously hugely concerned about the state that the club finds itself in. There can be no doubt that the situation is absolutely dire and I will be doing all that I can to help Hearts out. However, I’m very angry at what I believe is essentially emotional blackmail. The statement is a disgraceful piece of propaganda and it has probably been instigated to hasten share sales. I just don’t believe that the game against St Mirren on November 17 will be the last in the club’s history. How can Sergejus Fedetovas say last week that administration is not on the agenda for us but now is saying that we could be out of business within ten days? It doesn’t add up. The only thing that has changed in the past week is the tax bill but the club has put out a statement saying that we had sufficient revenue streams to cope with that. The club will get money from the fans but we need truth and clarity from the club, not confusing and contradictory statements.”

Alan Wilson, Gilmerton: “Since Hearts announced the share issue, there has been a lot of debate amongst some fans about whether or not we should give our money to Vladimir Romanov, but I think that yesterday’s statement clarifies exactly how grave this situation is and the time for debate has now ended. Anyone who can afford it simply must put their hands in their pockets and dig deep to keep the club alive. However, if it’s just about the fans, then we have got no chance. There have been plenty of businessmen who have talked a good game but have never come up with the money when it has come to the crunch. We need those people to come forward now.”

Michael Dorrans, Liberton: “I’m obviously devastated by the statement that the club has put out. I’m shocked that we could be entering the final days of the club’s history. I am really angry with the board of directors. Romanov signed those contracts and he approved our crazy spending policy but now that the club is in serious peril, it is the fans who are told that they need to stump up the cash. We weren’t the ones who created this mess but it seems as if it is being left up to us to get the club out of it. The club is attempting to bully people into buying shares and tickets. There’s no doubt that Heart of Midlothian FC means more to me than £110, but it’s not that simple when you have other financial commitments too. It’s all too easy for Romanov to say that if we don’t buy shares, we don’t care but what about his responsibilities? He should pay the tax liability – that is not the responsibility of the fans. I hope and believe that the club can and will survive, but it’s going to be a painful process.”

Mike Smith, Edinburgh: “If each of the fans who went to the Scottish Cup Final can afford to fork out just £25 – which is effectively the cost of a match ticket – then the club can be saved. It’s hugely 
important that the money comes in to save the club.”