'This doesn't sit right with me', 'no room for sentiment' - Hearts fans react to Christophe Berra being told he can leave the club

Hearts fans had plenty to say after it emerged the club have told captain Christophe Berra he is free to find a new club and is now training with the reserves

Tuesday, 7th January 2020, 11:40 am
Updated Tuesday, 7th January 2020, 12:02 pm
Christophe Berra could be set to move on from Hearts. Picture: SNS

@maroonspecs: "First things first, Christophe Berra has been a tremendous servant of the club over the years and I don't think there would be many Hearts fans, if any, who would have wanted things to end this way for him. However, watching him struggle for the past year has been the football equivalent of seeing a loved one slowly succumbing to illness. You want them to get better but you're more than aware they're on their way out, so you just want their suffering to end. Unfortunately, in our current circumstances, there's no room for sentiment. Stendel clearly knows this and I'm glad we now have a head coach who isn't afraid to make the kind of cut-throat decisions his predecessor would never have been capable of."

@HeartsRant: "There is no place for sentiment in football when it comes to the Berra decision. It’s the right one for the team. But there’s absolutely no joy in seeing it happen. Hard not to feel gutted for the guy."

@Brad190512: "It’s a hard one to take. This will simply be a football decision, nothing personal. The only man that couldn’t see he was done was Levein & look where he was taking us. A few more to follow, but Berra’s the headline alright."

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Berra returned to Hearts ahead of the 2017/2018 season. Picture: SNS

@GreigWB: "I think injuries and poor tactics have really counted against Berra. With a fit Souttar/Halkett it would’ve been a bit part. Instead he’s in every game and people like Whelan anonymous in midfield so not coming to get it plus CLs endless long ball. Will be a great loss but time is up."

@GraemeMcV: "Tough decision but have to look through the sentiment. He’s done. Stendel exactly what we need."

@ColinAnderson65: "It’s unfortunate but Berra has had only a few good games since he came back from injury. Has been poor this season. Always will be a Hearts legend."

@pop1874: "Thanks for your service and right decision, far too many mistakes that’s cost games this season"

Daniel Stendel dropped the club's captain for the most recent fixture with Aberdeen. Picture: SNS

@gazsteele3: "This doesn't sit right with me. Yeah he's not been at his best for a while but I think this is due to lack of rest and not fully getting a chance to recover from injury. Too many people jumping on his back. He has carried the can for the team for the last 2 seasons."

@MartinTaylor9: "It's a hard headed decision, however we are bottom of the league for a reason and part of that has been a perceived lack of leadership from the senior players. I'd prefer to keep CB as he seems a good character, but if it frees up budget to get better in then it's the right call"

@AlasdairHerkes: "Very sad but the correct decision, we can't stand on sentiment right now & underperforming high earners have to go"

@1874JJ: "It's a cruel world football but this is unfortunately necessary. Good luck Christophe."

Many fans point to the injury sustained against Celtic at the start of last season as a turning point in his second spell at the club. Picture: SNS

@Wee_Joolz: "Feel for Berra but he hasn’t been same of late. Great servant to our club and a great player, wish him well and thanks!"

@51hmfc: "Great servant, but timing is right. He was never the same after serious injury v Celtic. His lack of pace is exposed every game and he makes the team defend too deep."

@gordondshaw: "Sad to see however it's difficult to disagree with the decision. Strong management is going to be vital from here on in. Good luck CB, I suspect you'll pick up another team without any problem."

@meestah_sahmon: "Berra has been ****** by rushing back from injury, no longer having the crutch of Haring & our style of play evolving beyond his capabilities."

@ROKx111: "Thanks to CB for everything he has done but we can't keep fielding a wounded player, he's been so hard to watch for 12 months or so. Changes like this are exactly what is required if we want to progress."

@JamesWi886: "Sad end for him but Stendel's system will require quick CB’s and Berra has lost a yard. Stendel has quickly assessed who can fit into his vision and who don’t have the athleticism/ ability required and clearly he isn’t shy about making a big decision."

@FegBizet: "Brutal, arguably a necessary evil (I’m not convinced), but still brutal. A good guy, deserves to exit with respect and thanks."

@Adullamite1: "Berra is certainly past his best however, he is a Hearts man who has given his all and deserves to be regarded well. I understand the new man needs faster, younger players but it is a shame Berra cannot be found a coaching position somewhere."

Gillian Hunter: "He’s been a great player for us over the years and I think he would be the first to admit that he’s just not at this level anymore. A bit disrespectful telling him to train with the reserves in my opinion but hopefully he can pass on some of his valuable experience to them before he goes. Thank you and Good luck Christophe, hope he finds a new club soon."

Pete Barber: "Bit gutted by that one in truth, despite his declining ability since the injury against Celtic, he’s been a great servant of the club and I still think he could be great influence on the younger players."

Jamie Devlin: "Great player & servant but hasn’t been the same since his return from injury. Would never get a look in when both Souttar & Halkett are fit so this makes absolute sense"

Lesley Allison: "Was never the same after injury and was just still played out of club loyalty I think.. But now it's not the time for that we need out of relegation danger. And I'm sure he realises that being a Hearts man through and through. Sorry it ended this way. Wish you all the best Christophe HHGH"

Stevie Morris: "When he came back he was absolutely outstanding man of the match most weeks but sadly his legs have gone."

Claire A A Eadie: "Since injury Berra has not been right and does not have the command of the team, Naismith had that and he's struggled to take over. Berra been a great servant to Hearts and product of our youth system but I think its right for him to move on, good luck!"

Betty Stirling: "Surely could have found a coaching position for a great servant and role model."

Lynn Aoki: "Been a superb servant for the club over the years. Sad to see it end this way, but no doubt in my mind he will be back as manager one day."

Willie W Wood: "Hearts top goal scorer !! What a way to treat the club captain. Has the respect of all his colleagues. Could backfire."

Ross Mable: "Long time coming.... blind loyalty by the old regime has blunted not only him but others around him.... it takes bold decisions to stop Rot and make a difference."