Fans react on social media to the latest Hearts main stand development

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The news that Hearts may be forced into postponing or rescheduling their return to Tynecastle sent social media into a frenzy. Here’s what fans had to say ...

Rambo the Jambo: “Why can’t we just use the three existing stands? Someone must have known that the main stand would not be ready in time so why the last minute panic?”

A general view of the new main stand at Tynecastle. Picture: SNS Group

A general view of the new main stand at Tynecastle. Picture: SNS Group

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Ron Delnevo: “It is a building project. When was one ever completed in time? As a season ticket holder, I am content all is being done that can be done.”

Gillian Lees: “I’d rather the stadium was safe [to be honest] but glad Murrayfield is out... cold and soulless.”

William Thorburn: “Glad Murrayfield ain’t an option, horrible place to play “home games.” 20000 totally lost in the place.”

Joanne Fallon: “Hopefully it will be ready, can’t wait to get back to [Tynecastle]. As a FOH pledger I’m proud of the fans’ input, delays not ideal but look at the bigger picture.”

Jambo Maroon: “What about fans with tickets for the new stand, no tickets should have been sold until it was 100 per cent ready.”

Allan Brooks: “This is getting really embarrassing. First there was the seats fiasco, then building delays. Whoever has project managed this has done a poor job. Let’s just hope the ‘frantic’ work being done pays off and we can get the match on this Sunday. Otherwise I think Partick would be fully justified in claiming the 3 points (which, the way we are playing, they may get anyway).

Davie Kelly: “Why not play the game at Partick instead? It would be logical for the game to go ahead if the new stand isn’t going to be ready in time, surely the SPFL would allow this?”

Anon fan: “Surely they could play a one-off at Easter Road? If Hampden can host games in successive days why couldn’t [Easter Road]? Or is that too sensible?”

Kevin Fallon: “I’d rather return to [Tynecastle] with it in a safe state than not. In any case, fans have known this is a longer-term project through to early 2018.”

Barry Macpherson: “We’re seriously becoming a laughing stock now and I know these things often happen in such a construction project but you have to be honest from the start [and] not leave everything to the last minute especially after selling so many tickets.”

Partick Thistle fan John Vincent Kane: “It’s nonsense that as a [Partick] fan and having purchased a ticket for this game we don’t yet know if it’s going ahead. Typical, fans being treated like crap as usual, it’s not good enough, and [Partick] continue to sell tickets, mindboggling.”

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