Fans react to Hearts supporters’ ban over alleged racial abuse

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Supporters on social media and fans’ forum had their say on the alleged racial abuse which took place during Hearts’ clash with Motherwell at Tynecastle Park on Saturday.

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Hearts fans had their say on the alleged racial abuse at Tynecastle Park at the weekend. Picture: SNS/Craig Foy

Hearts fans had their say on the alleged racial abuse at Tynecastle Park at the weekend. Picture: SNS/Craig Foy

The Steelmen substitute Christian Mbulu was targeted when warming up at the side of the pitch. Two people were arrested.

Many fans condemned the actions and praised Hearts’ swift action.

@HeartsRant: “Absolute a*******s. No excuses.”

@ilobb1: “Staggering number of people on here who seem content to trivialise racism as “just someone else’s point of view” that the rest of us need to accept, as if it’s a difference in opinion on our best option at left back or whether or not the pies at Tynecastle are value for money.”

@maroonspecs: “To echo the sentiments of my fellow Hearts supporters, let today’s arrests mark the last time those individuals have the privilege of attending Tynecastle and let it also serve as a stark reminder to other narrow-minded morons that their intolerance has no place in our club.”

@fitking1985: “Well done to hearts and the good fans for pointing them out. No place for it in football.”

@SoozTait: “Exactly @jamtarts are dealing with it and a tiny minority 2 arrests from 15,500 Hearts supporters. Glad to say it’s not something I have seen or heard at the games but if we do we make sure we stand up and root it out #noplaceforracism”

Alan Templeton: “Ban these morons for life if they are found guilty.”

Kenneth McLean: “A small core of idiots employ our club as a stage to promote hate. They don’t support the team they only spout hate and look to instigate confrontation. Unfortunately they are now tarring us all with the same brush. Time for the Hearts support to speak up and rid Tynecastle of those that stain our club.”

William Sutherland: “No place in Tynecastle for this type of so called fan.”

jamboinglasgow: “Hopefully people being arrested will show others there is consequences to carrying out such shameful acts.”

Mauricio Pinilla: “I’m sure someone will be along shortly to say things like ‘trial by social media’ and defending the racists like with the Isma case. This is a genuine problem among our support.”

redm: “As disappointing as this is for us, it really isn’t just something on the increase at Tynecastle. It’s everywhere. The racists and bigots are feeling empowered, brave and legitimised by normalisation of folk like Tommy Robinson and his bullshit. Great to hear another couple have been weeded out. I hope they get the book thrown at them too.”

At the same time, fans were wary of jumping to conclusions.

@jambobob1: “Yes no place for racism, but are we absolutely certain that they were singing racist songs? Kangaroo court seems to have tried them and found them guilty. Not saying they are innocent, but we should leave it to the legal system to pass judgement.”

1874KRM: “I was in section N Lower and never heard anything, first I seen was the guys getting escorted out. There was a lot of random people in the section today. Tickets weren’t checked at the section either.”

Glib and Shameless Crier: “Obviously need to wait and see if they are guilty or not, but if they are, it’s good to know that’ll be two less vermin in the stands. Not comfortable with tarring the entire section with that brush. Come on, that’s not right. Plenty decent normal folk in Section N, obviously.”

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