'Gutless. Shambles. I am dreading the derby. What a mess' - Hearts fans react to hitting rock-bottom after 2-1 defeat by Hamilton

A selection of comments from Hearts fans after the 2-1 defeat by Hamilton

Saturday, 21st December 2019, 6:09 pm
Updated Saturday, 21st December 2019, 6:33 pm
Hearts fans are left with grim faces at the FOYS Stadium after a 2-1 defeat by Hamilton. Pic: SNS

"Every single one of them should be put on the transfer list" - Linda Anderson

"The players are too gutless to drag themselves from 12th place in this league. We’re going down" - Harry Taylor

"This isn't Stendels team but tbh there is no excuse for not being able to get a result at Hamilton. I don't see us beating Hibs or Aberdeen so this is extremely serious now" - DMWILL on Twitter

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"Old players. Injury-prone players. Old AND injury-prone players. Low league cast-offs. What an utter shambles. I am dreading the derby. What a mess" - Graeme Aitken

"Hearts battered Hamilton for 45 minutes. But this is what these teams at the bottom do, they scrap and hold on. There is not a single bit of fight in that group of players. Which is why Hearts will go down: Gutless" - Daniel Strachan

"Budge kept harping on about the investment made over the last year. How is selling lafferty for a substantial fee and replacing him with Craig Wighton for a fraction of that be investment. Full of has-beens and League 2 duds" - @fitmass on Twitter

"Budge's blind loyalty to Levein has become a poison rotting it's way through everything. On the footballing side everything needs to change. New coaches, new medical staff, new sporting director, new players. It's a total rebuild. I feel terrible for Stendel" - Davie Russell

"Craig Levein and his coaching staff have ruined this club! Stendel must have a clear out in January and get rid of the toxic underachieving wage thieves that simply don’t perform! They know who they are and should be ashamed of themselves" - Rob Green

"We never said it would be easy but that is absolutely embarrassing from everyone at the club!" - Immo on Twitter

"Massive clear out required at Hearts. Ann Budge is culpable for this mess and needs to back Stendel to the hilt in January, including getting Levein and his co-horts out if the club for good" - MalcJambo on Twitter

"Budge this shambles is all your fault. An apology at the AGM isn't really going to cut it. If she doesn't back Stendel in January there is a very real prospect we will go down. Too many gutless players in that squad" - Jambo Ian on Twitter

"I have seen enough tho in those glimpses to know that we have the right man in the dugout now. It’s not his fault he has to work with the dross Levein has assembled. All I wanted to see from Stendel was a style of play, a formation and tempo. We’ve seen all that. The drop off has been cause Levein has allowed the squad to be unfit, like majorly unfit. He’s allowed players to hide behind excuses and allowed there to be no standards on or off the field. Naismith today was demanding standards on the park. He shouldn’t be the only one. Everyone else tho isn’t bothered enough cause they are used to being protected by excuses. Stendel will sort this" - Busby1985 on Jambos Kickback

"It's now in black and white. The club with the fourth biggest budget is 3 points adrift at the bottom of the league. Gut wrenching that Levien's gross mis-management has led to this. Budge and the board need to act as this club cannot become the next Dundee utd/Falkirk." Vlad on the tyne on Jambos Kickback