Hears fans react: Cammy Devlin's energy; Lawrence Shankland's condition; Jorge Grant as a No10; Robbie Neilson's high standards

What the Hearts fans said after the 4-1 cinch Premiership victory over Dundee United at Tynecastle Park.

@David_G_83: “Devlin, who had a very good game; put his body on the line multiple times and we need him in the team. Boyce had a mare and it was bringing him off for Haring and moving Grant further up the park that made the difference.”

@hertz1995: “Though devlin was brilliant yesterday. His energy is outstanding.”

@ChrissyWilson__: “I’m just a big Devlin fan. I felt somewhat vindicated yesterday when he assisted inside after a minute too! Lucky we’ve such a decent squad atm that we’ve options. Not had those for a long time.”

Lawrence Shankland salutes the Hearts fans after opening the scoring in the first minute. Ross Parker / SNS

@DSStrachan: “Good atmosphere at Tynecastle, mainly because of the early goal. Who knew a fast start gets the fans on-side, huh? Pretty dominant home performance even though we weren’t at our best.”

@MatthewHarold83: “The wingers all swapped at different points. Boyce and Grant swapped. For a 10-15 minute period in the second half he moved to a back five with Forrest at RWB. Grant played as basically a second striker at points in the second half. It was very fluid in how they changed positions.”

@DMcIver22: “The biggest surprise for me with Shankland is his conditioning. I know that that was a stumbling block for him early in his career and I assumed he was just a penalty box striker. Whilst he is that - he's also everywhere. Constantly challenging, running, battling. So impressed.”

@DMcIver22: “I absolutely love that, despite a 4-1 win, Robbie immediately comments on the fact he felt we were poor for 44 minutes of the first half. It's these standards that he's brought in that have enabled us to be where we are now. Amazing to hear.”