Hearts and Hibs fans react to statements from Tynecastle chief Ann Budge and SPFL

Fans of the Edinburgh duo gave their thoughts on a busy weekend of statements regarding Hearts and the SPFL

By Joel Sked
Monday, 13th April 2020, 10:37 am


@HeartsRant: “Well done, Ann Budge. A detailed and informative statement which shines a light on the under-hand and unprofessional (at best) methods of the @SPFL”

@_Hertz_1874: “Fans should be looking past the rivalry and actually see how corrupt the game is up here, all clubs should be coming together to out the people in charge. A level playing field is all we ask and the last 48 hours has clearly shown that's not the case up here.”

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Hearts and Hibs fans had their say on a weekend of statements. Picture: SNS

@heartsstats: “Nice clear statement. Would expect we're not saying more while our lawyers are looking into things”


@cts1362: “Very open and honest statement it’s wording and genuine. Wish to have fairness and transparency is really what the SPFL do not own or display.

@Keir_7: “Great statement from Budge. It shouldn’t matter what team you support, the conduct of the SPFL threatening clubs unless they vote how they want should concern everyone. Us, Rangers & ICT are perfectly entitled to do public with this”

Phil Terry: “If the season is ended early (and it certainly should not) through no fault of Hearts, every season ticket holder should write to the SPFL and ask to be reimbursed for the games we have paid for and not been delivered through their actions! This is not Hearts fault.”

@DBruntz14: “Another good statement. The SPFL should be embarrassed and ashamed the way this whole thing has been dealt with.”

Malcolm Kelly: “Have to say anyone who purports to be a Scottish football supporter and has the best interests of football in this country should read this letter and think seriously on the contents… it suggests that there has been undue haste and perhaps more than a hint of heavy handed bullying by the SPFL in an attempt to accept their proposal. And what made Dundee change their mind at the last minute after having openly expressed their strong feelings against the proposal!”

Gordon Halliday: “Get them sorted queen Ann HHGH”

@Lewis_McKenzie_: “I’m sure people are fed up of all this nonsense with bigger things going on but if you think I could accept Hearts going down on the back of this, then you’d have to be mental.”

@DSStrachan: “This really is disgraceful from the SPFL. “Vote for this or you’ll go bust” was the message to struggling clubs. All the while hiding the fact they can loan clubs money against end of season cash and have been able to all along. Doncaster and co pushing their agenda, disgusting.”

@therichardcobb: “The SPFL have put in a worse performance here than Hearts ever have this season and that speaks volumes.”

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@longbangers: “Just f****** relegate them already”

@MarkGrady19: “When you are the worst team in the League and you make terrible signings and managerial appointments, this is what happens Ann.”

@Mixu99: “So Hearts argument is they are not punished for being worst team in the league after 80% of the season but happy to have clean slate for next season? 11-1 it’s needed. Yes Ann, good luck with that”

@gilchrist_jamie: “14 teams next year. So Hearts down and championship top 3 come up? Perfect”

@StephenGStuart1: “Worst team over the games played to date deserve to be relegated. As a Hibs fan I want to see the derby as often as I can. Hearts though deserve to go down”

Craig Simpson: “League reconstruction should never be rushed, no matter the circumstances”

Keith O'Flaherty: “She’s only acting this way cos Hearts are bottom. If they were anywhere else in league they wouldn’t care what the outcome was.”

Tom Lawrence: “Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of the outcome of all of this Neil Doncaster is simply not fit for office. When all this gets resolved he should be sacked”

@allez_allez_au: “Let's play the blame game. It's everyone else's fault (but Hearts) that they find themselves in this situation? Budge should look at herself. Wastefully overspending fans' hard earned on that squad, Levein & co. More acts of desperation now & finger pointing to avoid the drop.”

@LewisCumming: “Another decent statement by Hearts. Can’t really disagree with any of it. Other than the notion of scrapping relegations - terrible idea. And that it’s the Premiership, not Premier League. Conclusion: it’s all a shambles”