Hearts fans react to season ticket prices for 2018/19 campaign

Most fans will have to pay a little bit extra to watch Hearts at Tynecastle Park next season. Pic: SNS
Most fans will have to pay a little bit extra to watch Hearts at Tynecastle Park next season. Pic: SNS
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Hearts fans were quick to react to the news that season ticket prices for 2018/19 campaign will go up by five per cent.

A poll conducted on the Edinburgh Evening News website shows that 64 per cent of supporters would renew, while 36 per cent feel it is too much.

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We’ve collated some of the best comments made over the past 24 hours on the subject:

• “Whilst fans continue to make donations through the foundation, I think season ticket prices shouldn’t change. Fans already pay a bit extra on their own accord, if anything season ticket prices should reflect that fact.” – Jamie Gray

• “Not bothered TBH. Won’t stop me renewing. Nor will the current state of affairs. It’s not great at the minute granted but form is cyclic. The club is forever.” – Vic Weddell

• “Considering the work that has went on/ongoing, we should be thankful it’s not more. Support the team.” – Stuart King

• “5% increase considering the prize freezes in the past few seasons is to be expected. The same people that say it is greedy are the same that will moan if there is no improvement in the team.” – Greg Hoehle

• “Think it’s pretty fair considering they have introduced better tariffs for kids rather than taking a big hike after 13 years.” – Tracey Wilson

• “It’s a reasonable increase. Hearts have consistently tried to keep their ST prices at very affordable levels even long before admin. The capital projects that Hearts have embarked upon recently not withstanding the absolutely essential pitch upgrade have to be funded somehow. £20-25 (about a quid a game) extra is not unreasonable.” – Robert Allen

• “Bit steep but as long as it helps the infrastructure of Hearts and helps the club improve I will be renewing.” – Iain Watt

• “Think it will affect the foundation of hearts donations. Five per cent so soon after the fans saved the clubs a bit cheeky/greedy.” – Craig Mcclelland

• “Football is already overpriced, especially with the quality of the product. Perhaps the focus should on enhancing that before considering price increases. Football clubs act almost as bad as rail companies ... no matter how dreadful the service is, they increase the price.” – Graham Le Tissier

• “Five per cent is greater than inflation and the reality is it will hit the pockets of the fans. My FoH payment may have to be amended to reflect the increase. Ditto with all above in form – there comes a point where you have to see football for what it is – entertainment – and when the expectations fall below the effort in the pitch in conjunction with the cost to see the games then that’s when it becomes a question of renew or don’t renew - the drivers for this is individual based on earnings/expenditure/family size etc.” – Graham Walker

• “Big increase from 11 years to 16 years rather than 13 to 16, especially if you have two or more kids.” – Tracey Davidson

• “All the fans who say they wont renew will be the ones screaming for a ticket for a derby or a cup final.I pay my contribution to the club and happy to do so.” – Heather Anderson

• “Since Neilson left we’ve been hard to watch. Any increase will push some fans away and you can’t blame them.” – Dougie Robertson

• “Annoyed at being told that if I don’t renew by the end of the season I lose the seats me and my boy have sat in for years. Mrs Budge, you will find a good few people chose to pick and chose games instead of being told to fork up before the seasons even finished (even of we do need a new pitch) and you may have noticed there’s a big new stand so there’s ALWAYS plenty empty seats for the walk up fans to sit on.” – Stu McNally

• “The season tickets have been frozen for years it goes up £25 and Heart of Midlothian are the bad ones again. Anybody that thought it would stay the same sorry living in dreamland. Well done Hearts, can’t please everybody.” – George Downie

• “I’ll be buying but to ask fans to buy for next season when some are still paying for this season is a bit much. I think the club think we have a limitless amount of money. Bit of a kick in the teeth of you ask me. We give plenty, but still trying to get more out of us.” – Keith Carlyon

• “The U-13 season ticket is gone? It’s bad form that people who are due to renew U-13 tickets haven’t been told in advance. Big price increase for my family. Have to think hard to juggle costs and cover the extra.” – Tim Burns