Hearts in 50 objects: No.27 – Baths, baths, glorious baths

The baths proved popular at Hearts recent main stand auction
The baths proved popular at Hearts recent main stand auction
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These baths in the home dressing-room at Tynecastle were made of cast iron and were sold for three-figure sums at Hearts’ recent auction.

Items from the old main stand were made available for fans to bid on, and the baths in which players had soaked after matches for years proved popular.

They are no longer needed due to the new £12 million bespoke main stand currently being erected in Gorgie. Nonetheless, the nostalgia attached to these items makes them a valuable keepsake.

They are the baths in which a young Gary Locke was almost drowned by Alan McLaren during one of many moments of camaraderie witnessed by the old home dressing-room. There were also showers on the wall for players who prefered them after games, but they weren’t as much fun as dunking someone in a bathtub full of water.

Players from Dave Mackay to Drew Busby, and Tosh McKinlay to Andy Driver would have bathed in these tubs over the years whilst the crowd outside celebrated some famous Hearts victories.

Maroon on the outside and white on the inside, they were inkeeping with the club’s traditional colours – like most of the inside of Tynecastle. The new main stand is likely to be no different.

Dressing-rooms inside the new £12m construction are to be state-of-the-art, with all the facilities required by top sportsmen in the modern era. It remains to be seen whether new baths are installed or whether it is a shower-only area.

The owner of these baths may be hoping for the latter. That would then see the value of these two soar as the only baths known to be used at Tynecastle. It would be quite a selling point, although moving them on even at a good profit may not appeal to someone who cherishes the memories attached to them.

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