Hearts show willpower 
in new deal

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HEARTS today launched a new partnership with Leslie Deans & Co solicitors encouraging supporters to make out a will and look after their estate whilst also contributing to the club.

Deans’ firm are to give Hearts a percentage of their fees for arranging fans’ wills, whilst those with no-one to leave their estate to will be given the option to bequeath it to the Edinburgh club.

“Many people in this country don’t have wills,” explained Deans. “I’m a senior partner at a firm of solicitors who do various things for clients. One of the things we do is prepare wills for people who want them done. Hearts have launched a promotion to encourage supporters to make a will and we will prepare wills for fans who want to take advantage of the scheme.

“We will charge the normal fee for every will we make and a percentage of that fee will be given to Hearts. The fans making a will through ourselves are actually making a contribution towards Hearts’ finances.

“Secondly, we are often asked by clients, especially people who perhaps don’t have a spouse or kids, where they could leave their estate. We don’t twist people’s arms because people leave their estates to whom they wish. We are often asked to make suggestions. Some people leave it to their favourite charity.

“We have also been aware of people who want to leave a legacy to their favourite football club.

“This is an opportunity to fans, if they want to do so, to leave a legacy to Hearts and for their money to be used for the club’s financial benefit.”

Anyone looking to take advantage of the scheme can contact Leslie Deans & Co on 0131 667 1900 or visit www.lesliedeans.co.uk