Beattie’s cup final ticket give-away

CRAIG BEATTIE has revealed how he gave a desperate Jambo two tickets for the Cup Final after the fan promised to get the striker’s named tattooed on his backside.

Beattie met the fan via Twitter, after he ran a competition to give away to semi-final tickets on the eve of the showdown with Celtic which Hearts won 2-1, courtesy of Beattie’s last-minute penalty.

He explained: “I got stuck with two tickets before the semi, the night before the game. I thought, right, let’s have a carry on on Twitter.

“I said whoever makes me laugh the most I’ll give two tickets to the game tomorrow. They thought I was taking the p**s, so they start tweeting with all different stuff – Hibs this, Hibs that – and that’s not my sort of humour so I said come on, someone send a joke.

“The boy sent me a cracking joke and I gave him the two tickets. “Straight after the game, he said ‘I’ll get your name tattooed on my arse if you get me two for the final’. I said ‘All right, as long as I get proof first’.


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“Yesterday he said ‘I’ve got my tattoo booked in for Monday – you’d better have my tickets now.’ I tweeted him saying, ‘Are you sure you want to have my name on your arse for the rest of your life?’

“He tweeted me back saying ‘Listen, this is my only chance of getting tickets: I need to do what I need to do’. I thought, this kid’s desperate, so I said ‘Just come up and I’ll get you the two tickets’. “I gave him them anyway, but he didn’t get the tattoo. I made him.”

Beattie, who is on a short-term deal at Hearts, is fighting to shake off a hamstring injury before Saturday and added: “I’ve got this cup to win. I’m not thinking further. Nothing is signed, nothing is lined up. All I’m concentrating on is the cup.

“I don’t want to be [injured], but I’m not thinking about that. If it happens, it happens. It can happen to anybody, so I’m not in the slightest bit thinking about that. If I’ve got any chance of being out there at all, I will.”