'Beautiful ode to our history and our future' - fans react Foundation of Hearts third kit

Hearts launched their new third kit for the coming season on Thursday evening.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 8:36 am
Christophe Berra modelling the new Heart of Midlothian third kit. Picture: SNS
Christophe Berra modelling the new Heart of Midlothian third kit. Picture: SNS

The black strip features a ‘Pledge for Life’ message on the back "in recognition of the vital role Foundation of Hearts pledgers continue to play".

Clubs can face criticism for releasing three kits with an alleged view that they are trying to 'fleece' the fans. However, this kit, along with the home and away options, has gone down very well with Jambos.

@DavidBastin12: "Am I a grown man? Yes...Should I be buying football tops? No.....Am I buying the new @JamTarts 3rd top? Too right."

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@claire_delworth: "Simply stunning. Still can’t believe I got the privilege to model it."

Cameron Scott: "Immediate classic Hearts jersey."

Roger Hannah: "Tasty, but considering the home kit in the rain ends up looking black, I'm thinking it's going to be redundant"

Stevie Gilroy: "3 new strips for one season, handy for folk with bairns. It is nice though"

Christophe Berra modelling the new Heart of Midlothian third kit. Picture: SNS

Ryan Horler replied: "Need more bairns, I’ve got 4 so want them to bring out a 4th strip."

@serialsockthief: "Usually I look at football jerseys from a “ooh I could get that for wee pickle” perspective but this is the first one (possibly ever) that I’ve considered getting for my own self. What a handsome looking shirt."

@RabL1874: "Hearts have pulled it out the bag with this seasons tops."

@carlyon_kcc: "Absolute beaut of a top, proud to pledge and proud HMFC have my back Forever Hearts."

@JordanMConnolly: "Honestly take my money. Take all of my money."

@captainjamtart: "I'm gonna say that's one of our best shirts IN THE HISTORY OF EVERTHING! WOW."

@LJYoung76: "You guys have absolutely NAILED it this year. Best three strips I can recall us having in a single season. This third kit is an absolute BEAUT."

@blair_geddes: "What's the referee meant to wear then?"

@S_H_A_Z_Z_Y: "Stunning kit. ..... But, no need for it really."

@stephoneil1588: "I don't know what I love more about this... the strip or the footage of inside the old school Berra outside the Scaffy Cafe and the Jambo Soldier lording it up outside CDT. Takes me back."

@Hearts_Heritage: "Beautiful ode to our history and our future."

@PerthToPaisley: "Taking all my money like there’s no tomorrow, that third kit is something else."

@Moonheid1: "Unfortunately the XXL won't look as good on me as it does on Captain Heider."

@JamboDes: "Will be buying that. (Praying it comes with a Berra body kit)."

@barryodonnell86: "My concern is that it looks like Christophe breathing in wearing it what blooming chance have I got."

@maroonspecs: "The club really has knocked it out the park with this season's kits. Goalless draws with Hamilton and Ross County will never have looked so stylish."

@SuperStevoe: "This season's shirts deserve a domestic treble at the very least."