'BOOOOOOO' 'More excuses than ScotRail' - Irate Hearts fans react to Motherwell loss as team sit bottom of the league

Hearts fans were understandably angry after another Tynecastle disappointment with more fans calling for manger Craig Levein to leave.

Saturday, 14th September 2019, 7:37 pm
Hearts fans voice their displeasure after the game. Picture: SNS

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Watch as Hearts fans gather outside Tynecastle to demand Craig Levein's exit wit...

@lawrencebroadie: "Now we find out what leadership looks like."

@meestah_sahmon: "I welcome our decision to drop down a division and win the championship again"

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@jamiekborthwick: "Hearts have somehow contrived to get even worse over the international break."

@maroonspecs: "Come in Mr Levein, your time is up!"

@davidJmetcalf: "The fact it has come to people chanting sack the board (which I don’t agree with btw) shows how badly wrong Ann budge has got it by not getting rid of levein before now. I for the 3rd week in a row respectfully ask @srwallace1 & @The_FOH what their position on the manager is?"

@HeartsGoals: "It's not malicious to want Levein to resign. Fans can thank him for what he's done for the club as a player & a manager 'to a certain extent' He's been a magnificent servant for Hearts but, at this point it's definitely the right time to call it a day. Do the right thing, Craig! Levein is a self proclaimed Hearts fan. He needs to recognise that if he really is that, the best thing for the club's future is for him to resign. We have a great squad that needs to be utilised. A true servant as a player and manager to the club but, time to go. #LeveinOut"

Hearts fans voice their displeasure after the game. Picture: SNS

@neiljcockburn: "*cough*Ladies and gentlemen, if I could please have your attention. I have an announcement to make.



@PhilHay_: "No justification for doing nothing now (been sitting on hands for too long already). Changes needed"

@ConnorHMFC: "Should have gone after 5-0 to LivingstonShould have gone after the derby loss at homeShould have gone after the cup finalShould have gone after pre-seasonShould have gone after countyShould have gone after hamiltonHAS TO GO NOW."

@craigfowler86: "Both Hearts and Hibs in the Championship was a decent laugh and I’m glad managers and players of both teams agree."

@Mike1874: "Mrs Budge, I appreciate all you've done for this great club. But the appointment of Craig Levein as manager hasn't worked and is now damaging the club's relationship with the fans. I respectfully ask you to relieve him of his managerial duties with immediate effect."

@Garvaldinho: "If you think this is bad, just wait until we announce Pressley."

@IainMerc: "Bottom of the league @JamTarts, anger in the stands, protests outside and a group of players who,frankly, looked like they’d chucked it second half.Craig’s been a loyal servant to #Hearts and has done some great things, but there are no excuses left now.Ann Budge has to act"

@auldyboy: "Levein is and always will a Hearts legend and I'm sorry its come to this. However Levein and the board have themselves to blame. Levein, when appointed over two years ago, should never have been a long term appointment and he should been responsible for lining up his successor"

@JosephDanger: "Give it Lockey to end of season."

@SuperStevoe: "How often do you see thousands of fans protesting outside a stadium? There is absolutely no way back from this for the management team."

@craigcairns001: "Levein just has to get a few players back from injury, sort the away form, sort the league form, sort the home form, sort the defence, get us set up better at set-pieces, get a competent keeper, get us showing for the ball more, then we'll be fine. It's just round the corner."

@SgtFatBoy: "He has to go tonight. Embarrassing c**p."

@_rossferg: "No one:Absolutely no one:

Anne Budge: Craig Levein is doing a brilliant job"

@murraymeikle: "We’re not a million miles away from being a good team though. And by the time we kick off in the Championship next season we might just about be there."

@jamesymcc03: "It will be the players fault no doubt. That’s been his script. Always deflecting onto something other than himself. How can we ever get a good team togetherness when you have a manager throwing you under the bus every week and not taking responsibility. Lost the dressing room??"

@Leisham38: "If anyone with any decision making at Hearts think letting Levein lead us in to the Cup game and Derby is the correct one then they don’t have the clubs best interests at heart."

@Yorkie1985: "If Levein was solely DOF and another manager was in charge with the current form would he still be in a job? Think not"

@DavidOrrCBE: "Good managers get the very best from their players. Levein has a bunch of good players that he’s turning into bad ones. Time’s up"

@jase_law: "How many times are we gonna say this? LEVEIN OUT. Said he was working on the defence at international break? Shambles. announce Gary Locke as caretaker for next Sunday!"

@LambertSimnel99: "Not good enough, and no sign of improvement. Levein has to step down. Love the guy, but he's not the right man for this job now."

@chewbaaarker: "Ann needs to think big picture and keep Craig as director of football and get in a manager that will get more out of a decent squad of players. Ann should consider Craig’s recent health scare ... and the fans."

@jambo4183: "No disrespect to Motherwell, but this is utterly ridiculous. We should at the very least be taking the game to the opposition at home. There are too many individuals not pulling their weight at our club."

@whitealan2000: "Levein said he will fix this. Can I ask Has the board approved the improvement plan. We’re clear tangible outcomes identified. Is the board content that there are indications that the outcomes will be achieved. If last answer is yes please share. We can’t see it. #enoughisenough"


Scott Chambers: "If he had a ounce of decency, and respected the fans like he says done.He would offer his resignation."

Stephen Cantley: "I hope for his sake that it’s not another health scare which forces him to admit defeat and retire, if he had the clubs best interests at heart he would see what 13k season ticket holders see and step aside and let someone else who can motivate and get the best out of a squad which is more than capable of getting hearts where they should be !"

Steven Oliver: "That man has more excuses than ScotRail. Time he went."

Keith Smith: 2Craig was a great player robbed of greatness by horrific knee injuries and he needs and deserves a dignified departure. Budge must act in the interest of the club and Craig himself."

Keith Carlyon: "Defended him for months but this is the worst organised Hearts team I have seen in about 20 years. Absolute shambles. Do the decent thing Craig."

Áine Ní Tómas: "Come on Ann, you can't continue supporting Craig after the string of bad results going back to last season. Bottom of the league? Unacceptable for Hearts. Let Craig go back into the office and still a part of Hearts but get someone who can get the best out of the players every week."

Derek Wilson: "Club is a shambles just now and Budge needs to show she is a leader and make important decisions."

Iain Marwick: "Not going to make any stupid personal comments, but the fact we have 2 points from 18 means there has to be a change of manager before next game. Relegation is unthinkable."

Alastair Blyth: "If you can’t remove the manager through civil protest and common sense then his employers should go as well."