Can you spot yourself in our Hearts Scottish Cup semi final fan gallery?

Hearts made it through to the Scottish Cup final with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Inverness Caledonian Thistle on Saturday

Can you spot anyone you know in our Hearts gallery?
Can you spot anyone you know in our Hearts gallery?

Can you spot yourself in our fans gallery? All pics by John Devlin.

Jenny and Liam Stead with Charlie and David Mack.
Lyndsay and Ella Young, James and Zoe Roy, David, Julian and Ron Gray.
Eachann and Neil Johnston, Dylan, Lucas, James, Rod and Colin Jeffrey.
Craig, Jayde and Harmony-Rose MacDonald.
Craig, Colin, Darryn, Charlie and Abbie Chambers.
Paul and Rauraidh Learmont.
Mike and Josh Alexander with Johnny White.


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Claire and William Tattersall with Alan McDaid.
Mackenzie Martin, Elliot Begbie and Shannon Leitch.
Stephen, Rudi and Sandy Clapperton.
Nigel Shekleton, Gordon Clephane and John Barkley.


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Kevin, Blair and Alan Tait.
John Strickland, David Barns and David Stewart.
Gillian Traynor, Rachel Clark, Ross Clark, Jamie Dow, James Dow, David Bell, Aiden Cooper and Alan Cooper.
Emily Simpson, Cora Dibdin and Veronica Wells.


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Colette McGovern, Sam Garriock and Lynn Laing.
Gary and Emily French with Derek and Struan Hunter.