Hearts director calls for greater transparancy for Scottish game

HEARTS director Sergejus Fedotovas stressed today that greater transparency is vital in order to improve Scottish football, and said his club will continue to voice opinions on how to better the game.

Friday, 25th May 2012, 1:51 pm

In the second of a two-part interview, Fedotovas called for changes in many areas of football and bemoaned the lack of competition at the top of the Scottish Premier League. He also declared that more debate on all issues was important and encouraged society to give more priority to its national sport.

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“The problems (in Scottish football) should not be judged simply on a ‘money in, money out’ basis,” said the Lithuanian. “The strategy of Scottish football must change. There is no real competition at the top of the game with the duopoly that exists perpetuating that the top two teams in the league have retained the domestic championship title between them every year for the last 27 years. In what other country does that happen? The positive aspect at present is that there are people and clubs brave enough to firstly acknowledge that the game needs to change and the game is bigger than any individual club. These people are also now prepared to put their heads above the parapet to contribute to change for the better. Unfortunately, when they step forward in Scotland, they often become targets and are viewed as mavericks or an inconvenience. At Hearts we have always and will continue to encourage debate. If you shine a mirror on the game to show its failings, it is not right to simply smash the mirror because you don’t like the reflection. You must address the failings.

“Several strategic solutions should be implemented in order to return to growth: football must be a national priority, clubs must be able to run the competitions in a democratic way, football needs to improve governance – clubs should become more transparent and able to show to the partners and supporters how the business is done. I am sure that rules similar to ones applied to public companies may be adjusted to make football more transparent.”

Fedotovas chaired the Hearts AGM at Tynecastle yesterday, during which he reiterated the club’s intention to offer manager Paulo Sergio a new contract. Further talks between both parties are planned for next week.