Hearts players seek union advice over wages

HEARTS players have contacted the Scottish footballers’ union as they contemplate taking collective action against the club for late payment of wages.

Fraser Wishart, chief executive of the Scottish Professional Footballers’ Association, admitted today that certain members of the Tynecastle squad are unhappy with the situation after payments were delayed last week.

It is the latest in a series of wage delays in recent seasons but, due to a media blackout imposed because manager Paulo Sergio is being investigated by the Scottish Football Association after comments about referee Iain Brines, Hearts are unavailable to answer questions on unpaid salaries.

The club released a statement last week stressing that all players would be paid “in the near future”. Some, however, have already contacted the union for advice whilst considering their next move. “We are aware of the situation with late payments and have spoken to a number of our members who are unhappy,” said Wishart. “They do have access to our employment law specialist.”

Hearts released a statement on Friday, which read: “We have spoken with the players and made them aware of the situation. We are grateful for their patience and they know they will be paid in the near future.”

Hearts legend Gary Mackay has criticised the club for refusing to co-operate with the Scottish media. Mackay said: “We are in a media-driven business, and so can’t afford to be cutting ties with the media.

“Heart of Midlothian has always been a proud community club. But there seems to be a situation developing now where Hearts think they are entitled to different rules to other clubs. As supporters we shouldn’t buy into this.”