‘I used to take my kids to watch Hearts as a treat. I now use it as a threat’ - Hearts supporters react to Kilmarnock flop

Angry fans call for mass player clearout and urge club to hurry up and appoint a new manager

Saturday, 23rd November 2019, 5:54 pm
Updated Saturday, 23rd November 2019, 5:55 pm
Hearts fans were critical of Austin MacPhee and his players after the defeat at Kilmarnock.

Here are a selection of tweets from angry Hearts fans after their team’s 3-0 defeat at Kilmarnock.

@Intyre1Mac: “Embarrassing. The new manager will want a total clear out and that can’t happen anytime soon. In fact if a potential manager watched that today I don’t think he’d take the job.”

@hmfc1204: “The club is an embarrassing shambles just now, leadership poor and lacking CEO not decisive enough and is being reflected by the rubbish being served up on the park.”

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@EuanPringle: “Another inept, gutless performance. Well done Hearts. Any chance of a manager and a sporting director anytime soon? You can't gloss over the dross with an expected win at home to St Mirren.”

@jonSut61837628: “Even toward the end it was Killie looking more dangerous. Genuinely offered nothing today, Will accept a defeat, but never in this manner, we are spineless, and all over the place. Currently we do have a direction, and sadly it's down.”

@jayjaylennie: “Shambles on the park, shambles looking for a new manager.”

@davethehatman: “Slowest recruitment of a new manager in the history of the world but that's ok cause we are in safe hands. The safe hands of McPhee, Daly and Fox who have been part of the s**** we have endured for the past few seasons. Stoke, MK Dons, Cardiff, Spurs and Hibs have all sacked their manager after @Jamtarts and all have new managers in place. Whilst we twiddle our thumbs and take our sweet time to appoint someone.”

@theskoolend: “Any thoughts of McPhee being given any role going forward have to be binned.”

@dannyjambo1864: “Everyone at the club should be utterly ashamed of themselves.”

@psmccallum: “Awful performance, Ann Budge please stop messing about and get a new manager in asap as this can't continue!”

@dtulloch20: “Clear out needed. This is disgusting. Fans deserve so much more for what we’ve done. Clear out of players and staff bar the obvious.”

@MartinTaylor9: “Huge question mark over the players willingness to play under MacPhee. The starting XI we have out today should be at very worst competitive in the game.”

@marsh_ross: “The malaise around the club is a concern, top to bottom we have a "soft" mentality. We have coaches, players and an owner who talk a good game but consistently fail to perform. Serious trouble ahead.”

@heartsrant: “Empty the vast majority of these heartless, spineless, empty jerseys.”

@OsStuart: “We are in serious trouble, as we have too many players who are not good enough to wear the jersey. Mass clear out required by new manager. Annoyingly anyone who has watched them for the past year and has a modicum of knowledge could tell you so.”

@W00die1976: “Come On Hearts get this Farce sorted out!!!!”

@darkjambo: “I used to take my kids to watch Hearts as a treat. I now use it as a threat - "if you lot don't behave i'll be taking you to watch Hearts on Saturday" FFS they soon settle down.”