‘If Hearts keep 11 men on the pitch we win that game’ - fans react to defeat at Aberdeen

Hearts fans had mixed views of their team’s 3-2 defeat against Aberdeen.

Sunday, 4th August 2019, 6:22 pm
Steven Naismith commiserates Aaron Hickey after his red card.

Here is a flavour of the online reaction among the Jambo fraternity.

On Twitter, @galleonskip said: “What a very Hearts way to start the season - injury, terrible first half, despair, hope, red card, penalty, lose.”

@IanW1874 added: “Aberdeen very fortunate to come away with the three points. If Hearts keep 11 men on the pitch we undoubtedly win that game.”

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@scottishchicp noted: “Naismith was fuming walking off that park but when Hickey got sent off he walked him off with his arm around him. He is the hero we need.”

On Jambos Kickback, Icon of Symmetry posted: “Starting the league season v AFC away, and nearly winning it, is encouraging imo. I think we are in for a good season.”

Bring Back Paulo Sergio said: “Played excellently after the subs. Before was nothing new from last season with endless hoofs up the park, Dikamona was especially bad for it. Like the look of Irving though comfortable on the ball and good vision. Hope Naismith can stay injury free.”

Paulp74: “We were really poor until Naismith came on. It looks like how we play will be dependent on whether he plays or not. The same as last season. Too reliant on one player.”

1971fozzy: “Wasn’t the hammering some were hoping for. Played well but punished for mistakes. Promising with Naismith and Washington that’s for sure. Also shows that Uche can be the handful we saw start of last season when he’s not isolated. Terrible decisions by Hickey and Dikomona but we move on. They would expect to beat us on their patch as we would expect to beat them on ours. We march on. Some very good signs today.”

Jeff added: “Promising but at the same time we just never learn from our mistakes. We have lost so many points in the last few seasons from idiotic mistakes. 3 today cost us.”

Stotty said: “Played well for a small part of that match. Naismith and Washington both made a huge difference though, I think we'll be okay once they start. Still need a keeper and midfielder though.”

Debut 4 said: “Feel hard done by given the comeback but we really need to believe in ourselves more away from home and set up more positively. I can understand wing backs at Parkhead but not the rest of them. We should be taking them on in their own backyards.”

Cruyff Turn was full of optimism. He said: “We’re a better side this season without a doubt. Aberdeen have been the best of the rest for years now and we went there and we didn’t struggle, they didn’t dominate us and it was a very even game. Denzel [Washington] and Naisy starting will make us so much stronger. If we get Whelan in there too it’ll make a huge difference. I’m not worried about anything. The only thing that worries me is some of our supporters never ending pursuit to become negative and try to pin the blame on the manager because it suits their current agenda.”