'I'll no be back to Tynecastle until Levein is gone' - Hearts fans lash out at manager after poor draw and performance with Hamilton

Hearts fans watched their side lose a lead twice before turning their anger towards Craig Levein.

Saturday, 31st August 2019, 6:11 pm
Hearts fans are fuming with manager Craig Levein. Picture: SNS

@DBruntz14: "Christophe Berra’s performance today reminiscent of Aaron Hughes at Livingston. Finished."

@RFBorthwick: "There is no longer any case for the defence."

@RedStarRiot: "Next to no chance of him leaving and Budge won't sack him."

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Hearts fans are fuming with manager Craig Levein. Picture: SNS

@ConorElen_16: "Levein out"

@PaulMcM78: "We have to get rid of Levein or the season is goosed already. Absolute shambles"

@gdrlee: "Welcome to Hearts, Ryotaro Meshino. It's always like this."

@Leisham38: "Let’s not pretend for one second the second half of last season or the start to this season is even close to being acceptable for Heart of Midlothian. Change of manager required immediately. CL should still be involved within the club but not as manager"

@StuartDeacon19: "Pathetic"

@fitbachairman: "How long do we have to suffer this? We've got a good enough squad. I'll never cancel my @The_FOH pledge but I'll no be back to Tynecastle until Levein is gone"

@originalcadd: "BUDGE wake up and smell the coffee. IF LEVEIN does not go we WILL BE RELEGATED. We can all see it. He is not doing a good job. HE is SHITE"

@iamseansimp: "Time to withhold @The_FOH money until levein is gone."

@ry_brown1: "Need to be off ur heed to sit through 90 minutes eh this"

@neiljcockburn: "Get him out of my club NOW."

@Pauladams1954: "Only bright side is that Hibs are looking as bad as us."

@MartynCheung: "Genuinely if a club who will be fan owned refuse to listen to the fan base it's an absolute disgrace. Levein needs to go"

@Deggs2012: "Serious bottom six stuff."

@LambertSimnel99: "Not good enough, and it's been not good enough for a good while now."

@malcolmbooden: "Deflated doesn’t even come close to how I’m feeling after that performance."

@rossmuir147: "Best squad we have had in years just a shame we have zero management to go with it #Leveinout"

@Geedubz28: "Today was the day it turned completely. Can't remember the last time the crowd sang for the manager to go. Do the honorable thing, Craig."

@robbiecoull89: "Any good will Levein has now is pretty much used up. Whether 'he can fix it's or not, it's just going to be poison between him and the fans from here on out. I hate it, but if there was a time to go now right before the international break sounds about right."

@DSStrachan: "Where to start with that at Tynecastle... If you look at the checkboxes that justify sacking a manager, which one doesn’t get ticked for Levein? Results, performances, standard of football, money spent, time, transfer windows, failed signings, odd decisions. Time definitely up. Hard to chant that today because the man clearly has the club in his heart. He’s done so much good but if he wants to do the right thing now, he has to walk. Too long has passed without a single sign that things are going to improve."

@Benm501: "Craig Levein claims he can fix this, he can’t, it’s been proved time and time again he can’t fix it, Budge has to act.....but we all know she won’t , the playing side of Heart Of Midlothian is being seriously Mis-managed"

@maroonspecs: "It tells you a lot about how low this team and Craig Levein have sunk when our hopes of beating Hamilton at home were pinned on a 21-year old kid with jet lag."

@Lewis_McKenzie_: "For a club that’s fan owned and is renowned for its home support, the disconnect between the club and the fans really is abysmal. Not a chance will they listen to what the fans want."

@therichardcobb: "Haven’t felt that flat leaving Tynecastle since the last time I left Tynecastle."

@HeartsRant: "Hopeless, awful, uninspiring dross. Levein out."