'Please say Sunday league teams aren't laughing at us now' - Barnsley fans react to club’s compensation demand after Daniel Stendel joined Hearts

Barnsley fans had their say on the Daniel Stendel saga

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 11:54 am

Daniek Stendel’s arrival at Hearts as led to controversy with former club Barnsley demanding compensation.

Barnsley fans have taken to social media to make their feelings known on the matter, even messaging their former boss, and they continue to be critical of their club.

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Barnsley fans have responded to their club and Daniel Stendel's statements after his Hearts move. Picture: SNS

@Scottg124: “I don’t believe a word of it. Mr Stendel was devastated at having to leave Barnsley. He loved it here. He would still be here now if the board has listened to and supported him with a few experienced players.”

@ryanexley1: “Conway out”

@Here_Kes: “All these Scots trying to get a rise. It’s like they all have a chip on their shoulder Scottish football *laughter emoji*

@neilmeynell: “I wouldn’t trust Conway as far as I could throw him, but I really don’t believe he would have made up the tampering story. My money is on Sheffield Wednesday.”

@RichardSMason3: “The board are making this club a joke. It's obvious to everyone they have no real idea what they are doing. Goes to show money doesn't buy you class.”

@AdamKBFC: “I don't know what to believe here but to be quite honest I don't give a ****. Can't work out how you can ask for compensation for someone you sacked but oh well. Lee, Conway etc getting a bit of a reprieve, will last till Jan 7th when we flog Woodrow to Middlesbrough for 2.5mil.”

@HorburyTim: “Please say Sunday league teams aren't laughing at us now”

@pollyoggy: “After such a fantastic season when we gained promotion back to the Championship it’s heartbreaking to see what has happened to our beloved club in the last 6 months.”

@dingletyke: “@stendel_daniel You are better off away from these [email protected] thanks for your efforts and good luck in your new role.”

@lee_osgi: “@stendel_daniel U gave us the best football we’ve seen since Danny Wilson. Your commitment & passion never doubted & your frustrations with the lack of experience was obvious & shared with the fans. U will always be a legend @ #bfc but any reason u haven’t addressed the allegations from the club?”

Tony Marco: “I know who I believe Gaffer. Barnsley folk can always tell. I am sorry for the way they treated you. Wishing you every success with Hearts

John Haigh: “They put you in a terrible position as a football manager selling key players and then ultimately blaming you for results after not letting you manage or select any future recruitment or following your advice.It was plain to anyone we needed a few old heads within the mayhem of the mainly insufficient defence. They didn’t give you it and ultimately turned the blame on you. Who would blame you for trying to jump ship. You had a great sporting chapter within the Barnsley fc story, hold your head up high Daniel. I wish you all the best. I didn’t renew my season ticket due to sales and non replacement and apparent sifting off of transfer money.”

Steve Thickett: “Really am thinking about visiting Hearts in a Barnsley shirt to cheer the Gaffer on. Theirs shall be the 2nd result I check art on match day.”

Graham Franks: “Daniel all the best mate absolutely gutted the way the board treated you I would take them to a tribunal for unfair dismissal get every penny you deserve Hearts will be a good move for you Scotland is an amazing place so enjoy your time with them I wish you well mate”

Paul Wilson: “An absolute gentleman. In 50 plus years of supporting Barnsley, he is one of the best managers I’ve witnessed at Oakwell.”

Mark Whitehead: “Best wishes Daniel and good luck. You gave your all at Barnsley and the fans will always remember your time at Oakwell. I hope that your stint at Hearts brings success, you deserve it.

Paul McCarville: “I'm sure I speak for many Barnsley fans… We know who we believe and who we certainly don't believe. One of the best managers we've had the pleasure to have at OUR beloved club. You had more passion for our team than the board could ever have. Even now you still show more! Remember Daniel Stendel it is our club, you and the staff, the players and the fans. OURS. It's certainly NOT the lying boards club. Their names may be written on paper but that doesn't and never will make it their club. If it wasn't so far to drive every week I'd have a season ticket at Hearts until these owners leave. But I will definitely be coming up with my daughter to Tynecastle to support you and show my appreciation for what you achieved for us reds fans. I wish you every success at Hearts… Always remember, Once a red, everytime a red!

Alison Raikes: “You've taken quite a few of us Barnsley fans with you and l’ll be proud to be a Hearts supporter as a many fan will. We hope you are treated like you should have been at Barnsley. Onwards and upwards for you, our club is at an impasse so we have to support a team with a manager we know who puts his all into not only the club but fans and community. Always a honorary Barnsley guy, welcome back with open arms any time”

Oli Cook: “Always a red. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. I never have and never will believe anything the owners say. Best of luck at Hearts and look forward to taking in a game in Edinburgh.”

Hannah Chadwick: “I'm ashamed of the way our club has treated you. Most fans will see the board for what they are, the more they say on matter the worse they are coming across. You are the one thing this board got right. I wish you all the luck in the world at Hearts not that you need it. Go smash it! Once a red, everytime a red”

David Hallam: “I think the majority believe you are telling the truth gaffer. Even more lies by the board to try and dig themselves out of a hole.”