'Shot ourselves in the foot': Hearts fans react to Edinburgh derby defeat

Hearts fans had their say on social media after the hosts threw away a first-half advantage to lose 2-1 to rivals Hibs.

By Craig Fowler
Saturday, 6th April 2019, 3:58 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th April 2019, 4:09 pm
Jake Mulraney reacts after missing a chance in Saturday's match.
Jake Mulraney reacts after missing a chance in Saturday's match.

@RFBorthwick: "I’ve seen Hearts play a lot, lot worse than that and win derbies. Difference today was Horgan was clinical and every single Hearts player wasn’t. Never nice to lose a derby but the focus now is the Scottish Cup. Next week is the biggest game of Levein’s Hearts managerial career."

@DonaldsonESPN: "When Plan A doesn’t work, Plan B would be nice. #toopredictable."

@JemmaCarlin: "Didn't deserve the loss but that's what happens when you don't take your chances. Thought Lee, Mulraney and Haring stood out. A lot more determination and fight today. Still a long way to go. Gutted!!"

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@brianfdouglas: "Dross....woeful defending but not nearly as bad as the attacking efforts."

@2211AlanC: "Shot ourselves in the f****** foot!! Countless chances and couldn’t score in a f****** brothel. Djoum, Mulraney and MacLean misses were shocking."

@HeartsThough: "I get that Uche got nothing off of Collum and it was getting ridiculous but f*** me surely he needs to do something different once he knows they're allowed to get their arms around him."

@nicolhay: "Hearts put in their best performance for months and lose. I’m getting reports that the game is old and, furthermore, funny."

@reecey1874: "Ah well. Hibs were gonna beat us at Tynie at some point."

@JohnFr101: "Here comes the Levein out nonsense even though it was the players who missed the sitters and the officials who made bad calls."

@mikey1874: "These kind of performances don't deserve the support Hearts get."

@_RachLM: "Celebrating a Peter Haring derby goal was everything I thought it would be and I love him . Shame absolutely everything else about that today was utter s****."

@bigfelly: "The distance between Uche and any Hearts player was f****** staggering. We must be the only team that doesn’t get a boost from a goal. WE’VE SCORED! F****** DEFEND! Hibs far more clinical and at least tried to play football. Mulraney is jobbies."

@meestah_sahmon: "The best thing about a derby is the false hope."