‘What Stendel’s been left with is an abomination’ - Hearts fans react to defeat by St Johnstone

Supporters pin blame on previous manager Craig Levein as size of German’s task is laid bare in his first game in charge

Saturday, 14th December 2019, 8:50 pm
Updated Saturday, 14th December 2019, 8:58 pm
Hearts supporters had sympathy for Daniel Stendel after his opening match ended in defeat.

Here are a selection of tweets from disgruntled Hearts fans after Daniel Stendel’s first game in charge ended in defeat.

@Deggs2012: “Some of these players remind me of the Hibs team in the 2012 final - not fit for the shirt. This is a continuing embarrassment and the sooner it gets fixed the better. No fight and no threat - just embarrassing.”

@HeartsRant: “Was never going to be easy. Once again this team are exposed for being hopelessly inept.”

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@adijambo: “The mess left by Levein, MacPhee, Daly, Fox, etc is going to take some sorting out. Ann Budge also needs to be accountable for the mess that’s been left. Feel sorry for Stendel having to work with that mob.”

@adairfraser: “All of this because Levein outstayed his welcome.”

@MartinTaylor9: “The players are absolutely bereft of confidence. But there are so many issues with the make up of this squad. Very little, if any, pace or creativity.”

@_Hertz_1874: “Only positives from that is Stendel should now know that Zlamal, Clare and Bozanic all need replaced. Walker is ineffective on the wing and this squad has the pace of a nursing home.”

@huntero1874: “If it takes relegation to rid us of the poison that is seeping through the club then so be it! Relaxed and prepared for it. The players aren’t fit to wear the shirt.”

@Sdonnelly04: “What a difference Souttar, Harring and Washington would make to that team.”

@k_mclauchlan: “Stendel still figuring the team out, what he’s been left with is an abomination. A lot or work to do over the next 2/3 transfer windows. Unfortunately a result of Craig Levein’s tenure and Ann Budge’s blind loyalty toward him.”

@GraemeMcV: “Stendel eyes will be fully open after that. Tried to change a few things during match with no success. Can’t polish a turd with that set of players who are fit. Needs time and Budge’s full support. We are in huge trouble though this season. What a mess Levein has made.”

@AnalyticsCsl: “There is so much deadwood in the squad we could build a bonfire that would light up this side of the equator.”

@jmillz5178: “Rome or in this case Berlin wasnt built in a day, patience key with this appointment, still think this is gona be ok.”