McGlynn puts out rallying call to fans

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HEARTS manager John 
McGlynn has urged supporters to help the club through these difficult financial times by backing its share initiative.

The club announced this week it will make ten per cent of its shares available for purchase, with a long-term view to fan ownership, if there is an appetite for it.

With Vladimir Romanov struggling to find a buyer for the debt-saddled Tynecastle club, McGlynn reckons getting the supporters on board could be the best long-term option.

He said: “We are very hopeful that the Hearts fans will buy into it. It is difficult times and I think the fans realise that. Mr Romanov has put up ten per cent of shares for the fans to take up so I look at it optimistically. I think the fans would like to see fan ownership. Motherwell are going down a similar route. And on the continent in places like Germany, there are a few clubs doing that.

“Whether it is the last throw of the dice, I am not really sure. The board look at it as a chance to produce money which will develop youth and help us continue in the near future as well.

“It is a rallying call to buy into the club when it needs it. It could be difficult to get fans on board but I am promoting it as something for the short term and the long term.

“The club have recognised that there’s a problem and they’re trying to do something to get out of it.

“If everyone could rally round and fill every seat in Tynecastle – particularly against Ross County – it would be a step in the right direction.”