'Not a defeat it was a massacre; shocking from Devlin; McKay, Forrest and Kingsley all posted missing': Hearts fans react to defeat against Rangers

Hearts were defeated 4-0 by Rangers on Saturday afternoon after losing a pair of cheap first-half goals before Cammy Devlin was sent off.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the game on social media...

@iain_mac: “We need to get this "let's play to the gallery" mentality out of Cammy Devlin. He's ran 15 yards to get involved in a nothing situation. Why? Hope there's a big fine coming his way for 1) His own stupidity and 2) Leaving teammates to do a shift with 10 for 45m before huge game.”

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@PantsShaton: "This might seem mental but there were signs in that first half that we are not too far away. No doubt in my mind that out first choice defence doesn’t ship those cheap goals. Our flair players could do with showing up in the tough games.”

Antonio Colak opens the scoring for Rangers in the 4-0 victory over Hearts. Picture: SNS

@CalumTaylor19: “Thought the midfield are doing alright but constantly seemed to be nowhere when Rangers got in the final third (opposite end of the ground from me so maybe unfair) McKay never offers much in the centre for me, far better coming off the left.”

@LIVIYNWA: "That wasn’t a defeat that was a massacre.”

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@livi_jambo: "Devlin shocking display played well till he went stupid.. McKay, Forrest and Kingsley all posted missing done nothing. Humphrys outstanding only good point to take out off the game.”

@CBrown1390: "Great idea why don’t we just give OF all the points at the start of every season.”

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@GraemeS19327190: "Pathetic as per and utterly predictable, this team sadly has the heart the size of a pea, a defensible shambles only this time we played a team who could finish.”

@dougie_mckinnon: "That's not a performance of a team hoping to make third in league, keep that up and it'll be third bottom. Seem to have a really bad habit making that shower look good, FFS learn how to defend, midweek game could be an even bigger defeat.”

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@AyrshireJambo: "Be as well just fortfieting the games against the Glasgow two and taking a 3-0 defeat each time. Saves watching this s****, keeps the players fresh, and would be better for our goal difference.”

@lewisgulland: "Even with 11 men you just know it would be a similar scoreline. Atrocious from back to front.”

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