'That was very bad to watch': Hearts fans react on Twitter to Dundee defeat

Jake Mulraney is challenged by Jesse Curran.
Jake Mulraney is challenged by Jesse Curran.
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Hearts fans were far from pleased after their side dropped all three points at home to Dundee.

@liam_1874226: "Absolutely blessed to pay £50 a month to the FOH for this absolute s****. Thanks Hearts, love you x"

@pedromccarter: "It’s a f****** joke! Out of 18 players signed in the summer we only actually needed 1 it seems because we clearly can’t perform without Naismith!! Embarrassing!!!!"

@GingerPoet: "Bring back Ryan Edwards and big Dikamona should be starting."

@MarkYou05730747: "Bring back Zanatta from Alloa."

@rockyboy0329: "That is so embarrassing what the hell is going on."

@JonnyMcM: "Disgraceful result again. This really isn’t good enough."

@simmy1874: "Djoum was head and shoulders the best player on the park tonight. The rest were nowhere near."

@hertz_1874: "Analysis from game: Berra punting the ball is annoying. Never start Mitchell over Ben plz. Shaugnessy isn’t very good. Olly Lee is a myth. Djoum best player. Morrison wasn’t impactful enough. Clare decent good attitude getting better. Keena promising bodied Miller."

@JordanFinlayso1: "It’s sound because we don’t need to sign any players do we? Shambles."

@dgibson90: "This is an even worse result than Livi which was freakish. Simply not good enough without Naisy. We should be seeing Dundee off, they couldn't buy a win."

@WayneHoy1: "That was honking. An embarrassment dropping points to that lot. CL seriously needs to mix things up on Sat. We're as predictable as bad weather."

@fraser1980: "Djoum was very good n keena grafted n looked like he wanted to play! The boy shaughnessy was awful! Infact the rest were toilet! that was very bad to watch!"