'Can the team grow a backbone before the next four games?' - Hibs fans react to Ross County loss

A selection of comments from Hibs fans after the Easter Road side threw away a lead in Dingwall to lose 2-1

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 11:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 11:42 pm
Christian Doidge cuts a dejected figure at full time

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Maxwell, Hanlon, Stevenson. Done. Replace them all."

@CapelStreetHibs added: “The entire defence needs replaced, with the exception of Porteous. Some fine servants to the club amongst them but they have been beyond past it for too long”

@Cybernat2015: “Thank the fans with refunds. Big changes are needed in January. Getting Dylan McGeouch back is a must. As long as Marciano is on the bench we will NEVER have another clean sheet."

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@BenCowan: “January needs to come quick for us - a whole new defence is needed, apart from Porto and a CDM. We are so soft defensively, it can’t keep happening”

@CrambChantelle: “1. Maxwell has to go. 2. When are we going to learn to keep a lead? 3. Do our defenders know how to defend? 4. Bringing on Oli Shaw for Kamberi? He’s not had any game time in the first team for what feels like longer than a week in the jail. Changes are needed as well as new bodies in January."

@cullrab: “Poor result. Dingwall has a population of 5000. The mighty Hibs can’t beat that lot! New defence required."

@LaurenceHFC added: “New defence. New keeper. Then we might be able to consistently win football matches. And the fitness levels of these so-called athletes are a disgrace, by the way.”

@Tamnalfie: “Time is up for Hanlon and Stevenson I'm afraid and as for Maxwell, he is ******* murder. We need a big commanding centre back and Hanlon's past his sell-by date - too many mistakes."

@Steve_Hibees: “Is there any way the team can grow a backbone before the next four games? Because they’re solid games we’ve got coming up. No room for hiding."

@calummeston: “How many points this season have now been lost from winning positions? Serious question."