‘Hibs are killing me’ - fans react to 3-0 defeat at Kilmarnock

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Hibs’ winless run continued as they fell to eighth in the Ladbrokes Premiership following a 3-0 defeat at Kilmarnock.

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Hibs Ryan Porteous is as frustrated as the Hibs fans who travelled through to Rugby Park. Picture: SNS/Alan Harvey

Hibs Ryan Porteous is as frustrated as the Hibs fans who travelled through to Rugby Park. Picture: SNS/Alan Harvey

The game featured two power cuts but to the angst of Hibs fans little to no positives. The vast majority of supporters in attendance had no complaints with the home win.

There was plenty of disappointment with regards to the performance and team selection which saw four centre-backs and two full-backs picked.

@Sinclair1875: “If Lennon says we’ve hit the ceiling then I really dread to think where the floor is.”

@frazeHFC: “Embarrassing.”

@ScottBallandOr: “Next time maybe start Horgan yeah?”

@Deanosborn: “Appalling performance.”

@LennonLynxy72: “Disgraceful performance and team selection again.”

@HibsNews1875: “Two games coming up are crucial now... St Mirren at home then Hamilton away. Sir David Gray should be back, which will give us a huge boost! 6/6 points required. A couple good results is required ASAP!!!”

@Bsssx: “‘We came here not to get beat, be defensive’ well there’s the first problem for Hibs, that’s an absolutely embarrassing mentality going to play Killie.”

@ewan37: “I’m getting the old familiar Hibs feeling #Hard2BaHibee”

@caithnesshibee: “Garry Parker saying Hibs set up not to lose today. I’m sorry but that’s not good enough for a club our size. Should be going to Killie and trying to win not setting up the team with 7 defenders. Oh and the game plan failed. Utter disgrace!”

@JoeFalconer5: “Hibs are killing me.”

@CraigMunro91: “What a weird team selection that was today by Lennon, can’t get my head round it at all. 7 defensive players on from the start & we couldn’t defend. Team looks totally bereft of confidence just now. Huge January window coming up after what looks to be a very long December.”

@CalumGraham6: “3-0 is a battering for Hibs there. Killie far more organised and every player knows their role. Hibs looking like a team not playing for the gaffer. Fact we’re in December and Lennon still doesn’t have a system/formation that works is worrying!”

@DuncanHotchkiss: “Last couple of years of Hibs being half decent was fun while it lasted. Back to the good old days of being rubbish. Losing McGinn and McGeouch has been integral to that downward slide. They were gems, really. NL has failed to meaningfully replace them.”

@cfinnx: “Sitting in the cold pitch black would be more enjoyable than watching Hibs.”

@wallace92hfc: “I’d just forfeit the rest of the games till the transfer window opens. Players hugely letting Lennon down right now. Another horrendous performance, Ambrose was the only player who looked to have a bit of quality, Horgan showed decent effort. Asides from that, p**h.”

@Chrisfinn2703: “Hibs entering “Christmas night out cancelled” territory.”

Mark James Lee: “They pick the team so blame is firmly at their feet. We are bang average at the moment and beginning to look like a team who are best before they get on the pitch!”

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Football fans all over the world can make knee-jerk comments in the aftermath of results, good and bad, but there was plenty of debate as to whether it was time for a change at the helm with Lennon’s future questioned.

@HFCTransferNews: “Lennon... Go or Stay? Must admit, if he was to leave/be sacked I wouldn’t be too arsed now. Doesn’t know his best 11 or formation. Worrying times ahead.”

@jgilhooley96: “Hibs fans need to get a grip, fair enough the team selection today was abysmal but six weeks ago we were singing the praises of Lennon. Go through a sticky patch & fans are turning on him.”

Gerrard Corrigan: “It’s time for Lennon to walk now & he can take that Bogdan with him there is no fight/dig anymore out there on that pitch and for clubs like Kilmarnock St Johnstone to be a above us in the league is a joke.”

Ian R. McSherry: “Aye, here we go with the “Lennon oot!” comments. Who do we get to improve on his performance, working under the same budget? Give it time. He’s only human, as are the players. You don’t flog the beating heart of a team and expect miracles with the amount of cash available.”

William Mackenzie: “Lennon hasn’t a clue what his best side is!!! Why drop Horgan today? He losing the plot and the dressing room I think.”

Kevin Carter: “It’s the same every week now. Couple more defeats and Lennon will chuck the toys out the pram again then leave.”

@VivaKamberi: “Hibs fans saying Lennon out need to get a grip. We’ve had worse results and runs.”

@caithnesshibee: “Possibly the most prolonged imminent defeat there has ever been for Hibs capped of with a 3rd Killie goal. Hibs are back! Utter disgrace. Lennon to blame. Wonder what the excuses will be this week?”

Fans were delighted when the floodlights went out, not once but twice.

@DarrenMurphy130: “Announce abandonment.”

@deanhughes1875: “With any luck they won’t come back on.”

@ROSCO23: “Let’s just call it a draw.”

@CRM1875: “Some one nip doon to McColls and Chuck a fiver in the meter.”

@DazH1875: “Might play better in the dark.”

@rmorrison1983: “It’s a Christmas miracle! Keep them OFF.”

@hibs76: “I love you baby Jesus, get this crap cancelled!”

Then they came back on.

@hibs76: “You had one job baby Jesus”

@ScottBallandOr: “What about the 5 we scored when the floodlights were out?”

@Cscott5: “Please go out again! It’s our only hope.”

Killie star Jordan Jones just wanted to get back for X_Factor.

@JJordanjones11: “Great 3 points hopefully catch the second half of X factor #lightsout”

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