Hibs fans survey: The results

Farid El Alagui. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Farid El Alagui. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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After an extensive poll of Hibs fans, here are their views ahead of the new season.

Q1 How much are you looking forward to the coming season?

Can’t wait, struggling to sleep 7%

Very much 51%

A little 27%

I’ll be at the shops 15%

Q2 Are you happy with Hibs’ summer signings?

Delighted 9%

Cautiously optimistic 54%

Slightly disappointed 23%

They’d be better signing me 14%

Q3 Who do you think has been Hibs’ best signing of the summer?

Leeann Dempster 36%

Alan Stubbs 23%

Scott Allan 19%

Farid El Alagui 12%

Others 10%

Q4 Who do you think will have most impact on the pitch?

Scott Allan 16%

Alex Harris 14%

Farid El Alagui 13%

Jason Cummings 12%

Liam Craig 11%

Sam Stanton 10%

Others 24%

Q5 If Hibs could sign one more player this season, who would you like it to be?

Top answer: James McFadden

Q6 Where do you think the team will be strongest this season?

Attack 9%

Midfield 61%

Defence 17%

Goalkeeper 13%

Q7 Where do you think the team needs strengthening most?

Attack 59%

Midfield 7%

Defence 29%

Goalkeeper 5%

Q8 Who is your favourite player?

Sam Stanton 19%

Lewis Stevenson 16%

Alex Harris 11%

Jason Cummings 9%

Others 45%

Q9 Who do you think will be top scorer?

Farid El Alagui 48%

Jason Cummings 25%

Paul Heffernan 13%

Others 14%

Q10 Can Hibs achieve promotion at the first attempt?

Definitely 8%

I think so 36%

Not sure 32%

No chance 24%

Q11 Where do you think Hibs will finish this season?

Champions 14%

Second 36%

Third 25%

Fourth or lower 25%

Q12 Which other club do you think will be the biggest threat to Hibs’ promotion chances?

Hearts 38%

Rangers 50%

Falkirk 9%

Other 3%

Q13 What do you think of the appointment of Alan Stubbs?

Brilliant choice 17%

Intrigued 56%

The jury is still out 18%

Not who I wanted 9%

Q14 Do you believe that this year’s Championship will be more exciting than the Premiership?

Yes 68%

Probably 20%

Not sure 5%

No 7%

Q15 How many home games to you plan to attend compared to last season?

More 23%

Same 38%

Not sure yet 19%

Less 20%

Q16 How many away games do you plan to attend compared to last season?

More 34%

Same 20%

Not sure yet 25%

Less 21%

Q17 Which away ground are you most looking forward to visiting?

Hampden - for a cup final 32%

Tynecastle 24%

Ibrox 14%

Livingston 7%

Other 23%

Q18 How important are the cup competitions this season?

Very important 32%

Quite important 21%

Secondary to the league 36%

Couldn’t care less about cups 11%

Q19 How impressed are you with Hibs’ youth development programme?

Very impressed 24%

Cautiously optimistic 41%

Jury is still out 19%

I’m not happy 16%

Q20 What initiatives would you like to see Hibs put in place to attract more fans?

Free tickets for primary school kids 27%

Two-for-one-offers 38%

Group offers 5%

Open training sessions 12%

Other 18% (top answer - cheaper tickets)