Hibs stars have an absolute paintball on day out

Alan Stubbs says team bonding is important at Easter Road
Alan Stubbs says team bonding is important at Easter Road
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Alan Stubbs believes a team day out this week underlined the camaraderie among his Hibs squad.

The entire Easter Road coaching and playing staff went paintballing on Tuesday and then gathered for a meal together afterwards.

“We went to do something on Tuesday all together and then at night time we all went for a meal and that tells you where we are as a club,” said the head coach. “There has to be a good feel to everything you do. You don’t win anything by not having a camaraderie off the pitch as well as on it.

“You can sometimes have a group that is not necessarily together but we have always had a really tight-knit group. They get on really, really well, as individuals and as a group. They seem to have a real bond and like each other’s company.”

Stubbs believes that days out like Tuesday’s are crucial to maintaining a strong team spirit.

“I think it helps,” he said. “It was open to everybody here and the invitation was also to one or two [staff members] from Easter Road but they chickened out of it. All the players and coaches went and we all had good fun. You know they had good fun when they are still talking about it a couple of days later.

“One or two of them might have wanted to hit me more than others but my overalls were all clean – that’s not a bad sign! We went into town for a meal afterwards. It wasn’t a late night, it was socialising together, not drinking and they were all away by ten to nine.

“It was a good exercise for everybody and one we’ll look to do again in the next few months. I like to bring a family feel to everything and I will try to do one for players and wives but that probably won’t be paintballing! Maybe we will all have a meal together but I don’t think some of the wives would appreciate players shooting them in the face.”