Jordon Forster feared being trampled amid Hibs-Morton rumble

Medical staff, right, reach Jordon Forster amidst the chaos
Medical staff, right, reach Jordon Forster amidst the chaos
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Jordon Forster admits he was worried about being trampled on as bedlam erupted around him during Hibs’ clash with Morton a month ago.

The infamous flare-up at Easter Road, which resulted in two red cards and both managers being handed touchline bans, was sparked by a bad tackle from Ton striker Kudus Oyenuga on Forster, which left him sidelined with a shoulder injury for the next two matches.

Speaking for the first time about the incident, he said: “I saw the tackle coming and half-jumped out of the way. If I hadn’t done that it could have been a bad one. I tried to avoid it but unfortunately I landed awkwardly on my shoulder and tore a ligament. I was on the ground and I could just see a big massive melee. I could see people getting closer and closer while I was on the ground holding my shoulder, so I was a bit worried I was going to get trampled on. Listen, it’s part and parcel of the game. It was a bit of excitement for the fans, and I’m pretty sure 90 per cent of the players enjoy a bit of confrontation now and again. It’s been dealt with accordingly and everybody’s moved on.”

Forster is in no mood to make a big deal out of Oyenuga’s challenge. “I’ll remember the tackle, because it was a bad one, but, listen, I’ve probably given a couple of those out in my career,” he said. “I’m not wanting to moan about it, but it did put me on the sidelines for a bit.

“It was never a horror challenge where he’s injured me in a massive way. If that had been the case, you’d maybe expect a phone call but he’s not been in touch. To be honest, I couldn’t give two hoots about the guy. It doesn’t bother me.”