'Biggest mistake in our recent history sacking Neil Lennon' - Hibs fans react to 5-2 Betfred Cup semi-final defeat to Celtic

Hibs fans reacted to the 5-2 Betfred Cup semi-final defeat to Celtic

Saturday, 2nd November 2019, 9:56 pm
Updated Saturday, 2nd November 2019, 10:01 pm
Hibs fans want managerial change. Picture: SNS
Hibs fans want managerial change. Picture: SNS

Hibs supporters were in despondent mood after seeing their side eased aside 5-2 by Celtic with one topic on their mind.

@HibsCentral: "A shambles from top to bottom. Embarrassing for the fans that made the trip today. GTF"

@biggegz: "Any chance you’re doing season ticket refunds?"

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@78Famous5: "All the good work wasted. Eye bleeding football and powder puff defending. Club gone back years"

@steven_muir: "Another game, another defeat! Didnae expect to win but losing 5 & a poor performance overall, not many positives to take. Some of these players just aren’t good enough. So, what happens next...stroll on as is or make a change?!?!?!?! #GGTTH"

@DavidHu68404396: "It's an absolute shambles! Disgusting that that man is still the manager. He needs sacked tonight !! @HibernianFC"

@adowniebrazil: "Por favor, Sr Ron, te imploro. Queremos un nuevo director tecnico. El que tenemos es inutil."

@prydo14: "Not returning till he's gone"

@scottmillar1: "Ha ha..superb. Cant wait to listen to the spin on this and how everything is good at Hibs. Biggest mistake in our recent history is LD sacking Neil Lennon."

@itslegaltender: "Right, maybe now it’s time to get off the Hecky bus? This is killing all the momentum of last 4 years."

@fraser12wood: "Embarrassing"

@Freddiewhite23: "Can’t wait till Monday and we hear he’s gone."

@TedandMaya: "Why did the manager wait so long to play 2 up front and so long to get Boyle on? Answer: coz he has no clue how to be a manager."

@DuncMcKay: "Can't get particularly worked up by that, 5-2 probably flattered us. Onwards eh?"

@TheStracs: "Worrying that I didnt even celebrate those goals today for @HibernianFC Total lack of passion on the field and apathy for the club from the support. Changes need to be made at Hibs."

@MattReid10_2: "I blame hibs for me drinking tonight"

@funkypambo: "Actually not even bothered Hibs lost tonight, always gonna be a hard game. Infact, I think the score line flattered Celtic. Hibs played well in the 2nd, defense let us down as per. Nothing against him but Hecky its time to go!"

@mg_gibby: "Hibs players don’t deserve our fans"

@OwenWright: "I've had the passion ripped from us. Not celebrated a Hibs goal in a long time. Time for Ron to show face."

@StevenKerr97: "Not one of those players care about playing for this club apart from Allan. Heartless performance once again from every player. When we had players from Scotland they knew what it meant to play for Hibs but now all of them stealing a wage and couldn’t give a shit"

@andrewjeffrey7: "Genuinely could have been anything. Embarrassing. If Heckingbottom still has a job Monday there’s something well wrong. Celtic invited pressure but Hibs deserved what they got if not worse."

@HibsCentral: "Absolutely ZERO faith in Heckingbottom, Dempster or Ron Gordon. This is a sinking ship that we’re all going to go down with. Appalling it’s got to this after the highs of 2016...This is not our club anymore."

@mpalfreyman_: "Hibs/Heckingbottom need to persist with the diamond midfield and two up front (Boyle/Kamberi/Doidge combo). Looked much more threatening and not losing width as wide players in the 4-5-1 are anonymous anyway."

Scott Galbraith: "So far, a season to forget. Act now Hibs, before it's too late, do we have to go six or so points adrift at the bottom of the league, before you punt him?"

Marc Swan: "Hibs were not that bad, shame we started with a passive lineup, we showed the country we are improving as players come back, the fans have seen when we attack we can rip the best team in the country apart. Far more optimistic about getting back into the top six. Hecky take note of the players that stood up, get the selection and formation right next time. Attacking flowing fitba is the Hibs way, win the fans back."