‘This has all the same signs as the Terry Butcher debacle’ - Hibs fans react to derby defeat

Hibs fans on Twitter were furious after their team’s Edinburgh derby defeat, with support for embattled manager Paul Heckingbottom now seemingly non-existent.

Sunday, 22nd September 2019, 7:37 pm
Hibs supporters have lost faith in Paul Heckingbottom.

@JDHibs tweeted: “Hibs played to Hearts’ strengths defence-wise, Halkett & Berra will deal with long balls all day. Hibs should have realised this after 15minutes but continued to do. Only time we troubled them was when we kept it on the deck. Didnt do it enough.”

@SirAshKirkman85: “Heckingbottom obviously doesn't have the ability to motivate the players. I wouldn't mind but on paper we've a decent squad so there's no excuses.”

@StevieBroon78: “We’re in absolute free fall, I’m sorry but Heckingbottom has to go now. This has all the same signs as the Terry Butcher debacle.”

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@hibsjoe07: “Heckingbottham has to go now. Three defeats on the bounce. 4 points all season. Either he goes or we get relegated. It's like watching Pat Fenlon’s Hibs.”

@iamnotbatman70: “How long are you going to let this go on for Hibs? Just admit you got it wrong and fix it.”

@steven_muir: “The table is sad viewing!!!!!! Serious times & action is needed... Depressing!”

@QMUW1: “That was a pathetic second half. Heckingbottoms brand of football is relegation material. Middleton should have been on earlier. Doesn’t have confidence to call on his own signings from the bench as they are that poor quality! Times up!”

@andyjnicholson: “The manager isn’t coming back from this. He has to go now or years of good work has been wasted. #Hexit”

@hibbymick: “We sit back 1 nil up.. Hearts fans sing Levein sacked in the morning with Hibs fans.. and we give Ikpeazu all the room in the world.. Aye get shot off him.”

@parmaham5: “1 up front at home. Drops a world class keeper. Seriously Hibs, you need to take decisive action today. This shambles has gone on long enough.”

@VincentDochert2: “Shameful. No guts, no formation. Cannot stick with long high ball against bigger opponents. Just gives the ball away. Keep possession, work on passing.”

@HibsNews1875: “Just seen the second Hearts goal back and not impressed with Josh Vela. Reacts slowly then makes an embarrassing attempt to block the shot!!! Seen many times over the years Marvin Bartley throw his whole body at the ball to stop the shot. Mark Milligan would put everything on the line too. We let both of them go. Hecky’s biggest mistake.”