'He's the reason we still have a club today' - Hibs fans pay tribute to Sir Tom Farmer as Ronald Gordon takes over

Hibs fans have been paying tribute to outgoing majority shareholder Sir Tom Farmer, who has handed control of the club to US media tycoon...

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 2:16 pm
Sir Tom Farmer (left) with Ronald Gordon
Sir Tom Farmer (left) with Ronald Gordon

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Sir Tom Farmer (left) with Ronald Gordon

Mike Elliott wrote: "Thanks to sir Tom Farmer for everything he did for our great club and welcome to our new owner. We look foward to the next chapter of Hibernian Football Club under new ownership. GGTTH."

Derek Smith added: "Sir Tom Farmer, thank you."

Brian McKay said: "A big thank you to Sir Tom for everything he has done and welcome to Ronald Gordon."

Dougie Todman had an idea: "The Main Stand should be renamed ‘The Sir Tom Farmer Stand’. He’s the reason we still have a club today. He should be immortalised for the rest of time."

Stuart Ainslie agreed: "Renaming it the Sir Tom Farmer West Stand would be a fitting gesture."

Iain Harrison hailed Sir Tom and Petrie, writing: "Thank you Sir Tom Farmer and Rod Petrie. You saved our club when it was on its knees and ensured it was run properly. You didn't spend what you couldn't afford and you left the club in a far better state than you found it. Genuine fans will be eternally grateful."

Freddie White added: "Thank you Sir Tom Farmer for leaving Hibs in such a healthy position. What you did all those years ago, we can’t thank you enough. You truly are going out a legend!"

Steve Greig wrote: "Still somewhat nervous but mostly with excitement. Thankful to Sir Tom Farmer and Rod Petrie for being saviours and guardians respectively."

Ryan Reid tweeted: "If it wasn’t for sir Tom Farmer there would be no Hibs, nothing but great appreciation for all he has done."

Andrew Jeffrey gave his thoughts: "I don’t want to get into a lot of revisionism but thank you to Sir Tom Farmer and Rod Petrie for the majority of what they done for our great club. No idea what lies in store but good luck to the new incumbents."

Matty Fairnie said: "A seven figure sum of additional investment. New owner backing Paul Heckingbottom and Leeann Dempster - great news. The club will forever be indebted to Sir Tom Farmer for stepping in and rebuilding the club from rock bottom. Hopefully this is the start of a new, successful era."

Another fan, Alan, was effusive in his praise: "Sir Tom Farmer, you saved Hibernian FC, you kept it safe, you chatted with me in the Hibs shop just after the cup win and told me it was one of the proudest moments you had had. You, Sir Tom, are a true Hibernian Legend. Thank you - announce The Sir Tom Farmer Stand!"

A Hibs fan using the name "Big Slivka" added: "Massive thank you to Sir Tom Farmer! Your generosity and steady guidance during the club's darkest hour will never be forgotten!"

Last word to Graeme Shaw, who probably spoke for a great many Hibs fans in saying: "Thank you Sir Tom Farmer for saving us when you did. Without you, we would never have had that day in May so it’s with sincere gratitude that I say again, thank you."