‘Terry Butcher stuff. We’ve seen this movie before’ - irate Hibs fans demand change after County collapse

Calls intensify for Paul Heckingbottom to be sacked

By Peter Wales
Saturday, 26th October 2019, 6:03 pm
Updated Saturday, 26th October 2019, 7:03 pm
Hibs collapsed in the closing stages against Ross County.
Hibs collapsed in the closing stages against Ross County.

Hibs fans appear to have completely lost faith in Paul Heckingbottom after their team’s latest setback left them a point off the bottom of the table.

Here is a flavour of the comments posted on Twitter since the 2-2 home draw against Ross County, with the general tone being that the manager simply has to go.

@FamousFive1875 tweeted: “Bottle merchants. Absolute bottle merchants.”

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@QMUW1: “Time’s up on Heckingbottom. His tactics are hard to fathom, must be as players seem to be struggling with them. Very poor today and if it wasn’t for Allan, a player he didn’t buy, then we’d be worse. His own buys are shocking on pitch. We’re going down if he stays!”

@StevieBroon78: “This needs to be dealt with now, the longer we leave this the worse it’s going to get for us. Admit you’ve got it wrong, get rid of him and let’s move on. This has all the signs of the Butcher era.”

@martinfaeporty: “Apathy now the norm. Get him out before Wednesday.”

@shellywhiteman: “How long do we have to wait before something is done? Absolutely shocking results.”

@AngusAshley1: “We have won 1 match this season. It truly is saddening and embarrassing to be a hibs fan this season and I seriously won’t be surprised if we don’t win for another 10 games with Hecky in charge. i haven’t had an ounce of optimism before any game this season.”

@kennyduff64: “1 point off bottom. This can not continue. Change is needed somewhere.”

@davidg1961: “He’s won 1 game from 10 this season and 0 from last 5 games last season. He needs to walk or Hibs will have to pay him off.”

@arnieloudon: “Time to vote with our feet, neither myself or my boys will be using our season tickets until he is gone.”

@persevered1875: “Terry Butcher stuff. We’ve seen this movie before.”

@cigyswan1969: “Heckingbottom must go. Man’s draining the life out of the club and more importantly the fans. Missing my 1st semi final in over 40 years because the man’s killing my club.”

@messi7062: “Time has come where he must accept his time is over and do the right thing and walk away or the club does what needs to be done. 1 win in the league on the first day of the season isn’t anywhere good enough or acceptable. Dire style of football with no pace or threat.”