'Worst team in 10 years' - Hibs fans react to 6-1 thumping by Rangers

Hibs fans sold out their allocation at Ibrox but watched their side hammered. Picture: SNS
Hibs fans sold out their allocation at Ibrox but watched their side hammered. Picture: SNS
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Hibs fans had their say following their heaviest defeat since Malmo - a 6-1 reverse at Ibrox.

Scott Fraser: "Pitiful stuff. 4 new signings at least and much better than the ones we've got"

Craig Buchan: "What are Pat Fenlon, Terry Butcher and Alex Miller up to these days? Asking for a few thousand friends."

Gary Dickson: "We learned just how far we have gone backwards !! Worst team in 10 years, minus a couple of quality players we have, we have not improved , not good enough to expect a win there but shouldn’t be that bad to get pumped like!"

Michael Grealis: "I wish people would wake up .. we are a average team that will prob finish 5/6. All this lets get behind our team yeah correct but we are free to criticise. We did not even compete today already I can see a couple of bad signings"

Andrew Miller: "Thought we were done with this type of capitulation. 10 men or not, shouldn't be shipping 4 goals in the last 20 mins"

Gordon Robertson: "That's what you get when a low tier coach tries to bring in low tier players to a Premier League. You can't play 3rd Division rubbish and expect to win. And it's time to get rid of Kamberi, he's done nothing since signing up with a full contract last season then got the manager sacked. Said it when we couldn't beat Albion in the cup. This is going to be a long embarrassing season. We need players FAST"

Scott Fraser: "One thing. Not good enough. Buy lower league players and this is what happens."

@MatttQuinn: "Only gid thing about being a Hibs fan at the moment is Hertz are equally as rotten."

@RobbieSincIair: "Sadly I think this is normality returning. Our last two managers were a high-water mark in terms of how they viewed Rangers. Stubbs and Lennon would've both rather died than gone down 6-1 at Ibrox. We're now back to having managers who go there with a negative mindset, ah well"

@RileyGrievee: "Every single fan that went needs a refund that’s a joke"

@cabbage0762: "I wouldn't like to be the Twitter guy tonight, good luck pal. Staying off twitter and hibs.net for a few days. Football managers everywhere"

@Freddiewhite23: "This has been coming, Heckingbottom far from convincing. Set up all wrong today and we are getting passed off the park. Brutal first 30 mins from Hibs."

@wallace92hfc: "The only question I’m going to pose tonight is during Heckingbottom’s entire tenure, when have you left a game thinking “we were brilliant today”? I can’t think of one...

@JackCrawford01: "This could be a blessing in disguise, hope it’s a wake up call to Heckingbottom that we need more! Tactics and set up today all wrong"

@mattyfairnie: "That was Heckingbottom‘s Malmo. Fenlon never recovered from that, I can’t see Heckingbottom recovering from this. Worst Hibs performance at Ibrox in decades."

@AtleastIthink: "Heckingbottom and Dempster should be going round every @HibernianFC supporter's house tonight to personally apologise, and to compensate them if they had the misfortune to go to that match today. Total disgrace."