Maybury won’t waste energy on Hibs boss thoughts

Alan Maybury, left, and Hibs caretaker boss Jimmy Nicholl share a joke at training. Pic: Ian Rutherford
Alan Maybury, left, and Hibs caretaker boss Jimmy Nicholl share a joke at training. Pic: Ian Rutherford
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HIBS star Alan Maybury today claimed worrying about what might happen beyond today’s Scottish Premiership clash with Inverness Caley was no more than “a waste of time and energy” as the Easter Road club wait to see if Terry Butcher is to become their new manager.

While agreeing the turmoil caused by the surprise departure of Pat Fenlon and the speculation surrounding Caley boss Butcher may be unsettling for a few of his team-mates who haven’t been through such an experience before, 35-year-old Maybury has become a veteran of such scenarios in his long playing career.

He insisted that there’s little more to do than leave events to take their own course, pointing out that it will be up to the new manager – with Butcher Hibs No. 1 target, although confirmation of his switch from Inverness to Edinburgh isn’t now expected to be formalised until the beginning of next week – to decide what changes he may or may not want to make.

Adamant that it’s been “business as usual” as he and caretaker boss Jimmy Nicholl have prepared the squad for today’s match, the former Republic of Ireland defender said: “I have been through this quite a few times. Maybe for one or two others who have not, it can be a little bit unsettling and you start worrying about how it affects yourself.

“But I have found you can waste a lot of time and energy worrying about things you have no control over. The chairman will ultimately decide who he wants to bring in and whoever that is will decide who or what staff he is bringing in and who is leaving and which players are getting changed.

“These are the kind of things that happen down the road, but we have no influence on it, so there’s no point really in wasting your time and energy.”

And although Butcher – if it is to be the big Englishman who becomes Hibs seventh boss in just eight years – will undoubtedly change things to his liking with the remainder of his management team of Maurice Malpas and Steve Marsella expected to join him in Edinburgh shortly, Maybury claimed Fenlon had left the Easter Road club in such good shape he’ll possibly find there’s not too much to tweak.

He said: “I thought Pat did a good job here, he did a lot of good work in the background that maybe went un-noticed, changes at the academy, in scouting and the infrastructure at the training ground, stuff that doesn’t always get reported.

“But once the pressure builds it is hard to stop, though I am sure whatever he decides to do, he will do a good job. The changes that have been put in have progressed the club. I think it’s a good squad, the only thing was a high turnover of players in the summer and there has been for quite a while for whatever reason, whether it’s one-yeear deals or it’s not working.

“It’s taken a little bit longer to gel, to get that balance right. Injuries and suspensions haven’t helped, but we are not a million miles off. It’s just trying to get that right and get the best our of the squad, so whoever it is will be trying to push on a little bit.”

Although the current situation is nothing new to Maybury, he is experiencing a change of manager for the first time as a coach, having jumped at the chance Fenlon offered him to help develop the younger players while continuing to be available for first team action as and when required.

Revealing he’s probably already played more than he might have expected this season, Maybury said: “It’s a little bit different. When Pat left it was a case of, ‘where do we go from here?’ more than worrying about myself knowing whoever comes in will have their own ideas and make an assessment of what hey want and do not want.

“It’s been a case of rallying around a bit, with Jimmy [Nicholl] getting our heads together and decide what we were going to do this week, keeping it as normal as possible. With it being Caley today, the situation causes a bit of disruption for both clubs. Jimmy was told early in the week he would be in charge for this game, so we have prepared as best we can while Inverness will do what they feel best for them.

“We have prepared well in the circumstances. We’ll see who is in what dugout, but we are at home, trying to get a win at home which we feel we need.”

Maybury accepts that as all new managers tend to bring in their own trusted team of lieutenants. A review of the newly-created post he filled over the summer months could come under scrutiny, but, again, he’s pretty sanguine in that regard.

Pointing out he can still pursue his playing career, he said: “Pat brought me to the club and then he saw something in me to offer me a coaching role as he felt I could help with the young lads and really progress them. Whoever comes in I will sit down and have a chat with them, explain the role I do and if they are happy with that, then great.

“People say to play as long as you can, but I want to make a career as a coach or a manager myself, so if I can keep that going as well then I am happy to do so.”