‘Oli Shaw is going to sort Brexit’: Hibs fans react to Leeann Dempster’s interview

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Hibs fans react on social media after chief executive Leeann Dempster gives an 18-minute interview to Hibs TV about the hunt for a new manager and the work going on at the club.

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Hibernian chief executive Leeann Dempster. Picture: SNS

Hibernian chief executive Leeann Dempster. Picture: SNS

@StevieBroon78: “Personally think that was a good interview and yet again she comes across really well. A lot of the flak that’s went her way is out of order, yes we’re not performing well just now but she has done wonders for our club and continues to do so.”

@MHoatson: “Oh hi Leeann. Good to see you.”

@MrkKeane: “Fascinating interview. In terms of ambition, wonder how strategy compares to our competition for European places and whether extent of reliance on youth is idealistic. What are the material benefits to the club and supporters?”

@LeonHibs: “Hibs fans greeting because there is a silence from the board room while they appoint a new manager. Hibs fans greeting when Chief executive comes out and does an interview. Hibs fans greeting when Hibs are under performing. Hibs fans greeting when under performing Manager leaves.”

@devinehfc: “Waste of time listening to that pre-scripted interview trying to paint a nice rosy picture and paper over the questions people really want answered. For Leann to claim she hasn’t been consciously ‘quiet’ is laughable really. Does nothing to repair the bridges burned.”

@GremsonJohn: “Yeah all that have applied for the job have been out of work for a while not one has a good record lose more games than they have won.”

@Steve_Hibees: “She says we’re not a shambles because the structure is in place. I couldn’t give a t*** if there’s great work going on behind the scenes, if we’re losing then it means f*** all. Get a manager and win games.”

@Chrisfinn2703: “I’m seeing a lot of people concerned with Appleton/Heckingbottom win %. Which is fine, I guess, but nobody seemed too concerned about Lennon’s 22% Bolton win rate.”

@stewmanson: “Multi-million pound business? Can’t even get Ticketmaster working!! Let’s fix the basics before we fix the local community.”

@FGunn1875: “Did she just call Oli Shaw one of the best young players in Europe?”

@andrewjeffrey7: “Oli Shaw is going to sort Brexit anaw.”

@kieron_munro: “Might be mistaken but I’ve never seen this Mbappe bloke do it on a cold night in Hamilton.”