How does Ofir Marciano compare to Scottish Premiership goalkeepers in keeping the ball out the net? Picture: SNS

Revealed: How Hibs ace Ofir Marciano compares to Scottish Premiership goalkeepers by save percentage

It was International Goalkeeper Day this week. If any player on the football pitch deserved their own day of the week it was the No.1.

The difficulty of being a goalkeeper should never be underestimated. The last line of defence. No position on the pitch has the pressure on it the way a goalkeeper does. Going into every match knowing you could be the difference between becoming the hero or the villain.

It takes a certain type of character willing to put themselves in such a position which can often be a thankless task.

In the Scottish Premiership there are a number of talented goalkeepers tending net with some having the season of their lives, while others haven't reached the level many would have expected.

In keeping with International Goalkeeper Day we crunched the stats via Wyscout to find out which goalkeepers are the best at keeping the ball out the back of the net. Scroll down and click through to find out.

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