Lennon backs new ground for Old Firm

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Celtic manager Neil Lennon has backed “in principle” the idea of the Old Firm playing each other abroad but admits to reservations about the idea.

Rangers’ chief operating officer Ali Russell was quoted at the weekend as saying there is scope for the Glasgow giants to meet either post-season or pre-season, with the United States the most likely destination.

Speaking before tonight’s Clydesdale Bank Premier League clash with Dunfermline at Celtic Park, Lennon said: “It depends on the circumstances and depends if we could generate the interest, although I’m sure we could in America.

“In the post-season, it depends how harrowing the season has been on the players. If they have to travel to America to play in a friendly, I’m not sure too many players would want to put their hands up for that one.

“In principle it seems like a decent idea but whether all the logistics can be accompanied with that, I don’t know.”

Scottish Football Association president Campbell Ogilvie, a former director at Ibrox, insists the SFA would consider any such request.