Livingston chairman ousted over cash dispute

Gordon McDougall is due �260,000 in directors' loans
Gordon McDougall is due �260,000 in directors' loans
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GORDON McDOUGALL claims he has been removed from his role as chairman after beginning legal proceedings over money owed to him by Livingston.

The club director was voted from his position at a board meeting after it was ruled he was “not acting in the best interests of the club”.

McDougall is due £260,000 in directors’ loans – agreed to be repayed by Livingston back in 2013 in instalments of £2166.67 every month from January 2014 until December 2023. McDougall, though, says he has not been paid for almost six months and has been informed by the club that it can’t afford to pay its debt nor meet the monthly repayments.

“I attended a board meeting on Monday with two other directors and was told I was acting against the better interests of the club,” McDougall told STV. “They wanted to terminate my position as chairman. They asked me if I had a key for the premises and said they didn’t want me back in the premises.

“I have got no alternative but to go the legal route to try and recover the outstanding balance.

“It’s a legally binding contract and I am a creditor. I don’t see a future for myself. I need to get the contract settled. Once they agree to pay that, I am quite happy to help the club. I have kept the club going for two years. I have worked day and night, for seven days a week, for the last 18 months to two years.

“I think most people in football, and supporters around the Livingston area know the amount I have put into the club, in effort as well as financially.

“I don’t view myself as being greedy in any way asking for that money to be repaid. It’s simply a settlement in return for my shares going to (former majority shareholder) Neil Rankine.”

Livingston’s largest shareholder Gordon Ford said the club’s existence would be placed in doubt if it was forced to repay the money in one lump sum.

He said: “My view as a shareholder is I cannot see the club survive if he were to successfully recover the monies due to him in full. There is no way the club can survive if we are subject to that legal action.

“The desired outcome is we all work together. We get a compromise the club can afford.

“It’s just unfortunate we are unable to reach any formal agreement with Gordon McDougall.”