Carnie believes some Whitehill players could have done more

Grant Carnie resigned following defeat by Threave, the bottom club
Grant Carnie resigned following defeat by Threave, the bottom club
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Former Whitehill Welfare manager Grant Carnie cited a lack of on-field leadership, as well as a combination of inconsistent results and postponements, as major factors in his decision to resign.

Carnie stepped down this week following a 3-1 defeat at bottom club Threave Rovers, and admitted he’d stopped enjoying his role with the Ferrari Packaging Lowland League club.

“I just wasn’t enjoying it all to be honest,” he revealed. “I’m one of those guys who gives everything and I just felt I wasn’t getting enough back from the team.

“Don’t get me wrong, as a manager you make mistakes and you live by your results. We’ve had an up and down season – we won comfortably against Gala on Saturday went to Threave and lost 3-1 on Tuesday. It’s been one of those seasons.

“It’s been hard with a big turnover of players and the club being in transition. We didn’t play a game for 15 weeks at one point. Maybe a few didn’t work out and I expected a couple more to step up to the plate, which never happened. They’re a great bunch of boys and players with the capability to go as far as they want but I just felt they lacked a wee bit leadership when the chips were down.

“Everyone makes mistakes but I felt they let me down with some performances. No disrespect to other teams, but they don’t have players of the calibre that Whitehill have got, but make up for it in other departments.”

Carnie already feels the benefit of his decision, and stressed he bears no ill will towards the club

“I can’t fault the club.” He stated. “They backed me in the summer, getting in the players I wanted but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I woke up the other morning and went to work not worrying about who’ll make training.

“You live and breathe football when you take a team. I’ll take a wee break then re-evaluate my situation. The club will move on without me and I’m sure the players will go on and do well.”