Clubs donate £2000 to Sick Kids Friends Foundation

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The Lothian and Edinburgh Amateur Football Association (LEAFA) has donated a cheque of £2000 to the city’s Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

All 123 amateur clubs representing the association contributed, with the Scottish Amateur Football League also donating £250.

Rachel McKenzie, community fundraising manager for the foundation, spoke of the gratitude felt throughout the charity and underlined the significance such a donation will have on future developments at the hospital.

“We are so grateful for such a generous amount of money. There are so many worthy charities out there so it is fantastic they (LEAFA) have chosen the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. We rely on the local community to raise money on our behalf so we can continue with what we do. Our work is all about time spent in the hospital and making our facilities better and less stressful for both the patients and their families.

“We have a project and a campaign running at the moment to raise £160,000 for ultrasound equipment, so this will make a huge difference. What we have at the moment is ok, but with innovation and technology developing all the time, we want to ensure the children are receiving the very best care.”

McKenzie also alluded to The Craig Gowans Memorial Fund which offers huge support to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, a second medically equipped minibus having recently been purchased on behalf of a fund that was set up in 2007 after the tragic death of talented Falkirk youth player Craig Gowans.

Andrew Dickson, a close friend of the Gowans family, has just completed his 4000-mile cycle across Australia in aid of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, an achievement McKenzie cannot speak highly enough of and the continuous efforts of all those concerned.

She added: “It’s making such a huge difference and we really appreciate the support of the Gowans family and all they do. He (Andrew) has not long finished, but cycling across the whole of Australia is just so inspiring. To undertake the challenge he did is unbelievable. I am just glad he survived it all!”

David Ramage, administration secretary for LEAFA, added: “The moneyis going to such a worthy cause which we are all delighted about.”