‘Linesman’ sent off amid controversy

Angry: Broxburn manager, Steve Pittman
Angry: Broxburn manager, Steve Pittman
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Bonnyrigg Rose snatched all three points in this five-goal thriller littered with controversial offside decisions due to the lack of appointed linesmen.

Referee Duncan Smith incurred the wrath of both managers with some dubious offside calls. The Evening News understands the official had been offered assistant referees before the match by the Scottish Junior Football Association, but intimated that he did not need them for this game and instead used each club’s committee men to run the lines, permitting them only to signal when the ball had left the field of play.

This scenario resulted in Broxburn’s secretary Jim Provan being expelled from his duties for complaining vehemently about Steven Hislop’s equaliser.

The drama started on four minutes when Broxburn’s Zander Miller, who appeared to be in an offside position, strode on to a through-ball and blasted the ball home.

Bonnyrigg rallied and equalised, but with another dodgy-looking offside call as Steve Hislop side-footed the ball home from three yards in the 40th minute, although he looked well ahead of the last defender. The Broxburn camp protested so strongly that home linesman Provan was sent off.

Bonnyrigg, scored two more in the second half through Hislop and Blair Henderson, although Calum Rarity reduced the arrears with a consolation strike on 77 minute.

Broxburn boss Steve Pittman was angry afterwards. “There were goals from both sides which we feel were wrong and it’s wrong that games like this can be decided by decisions like this. We feel there should have been linesmen at this game.”

Rose boss Davy McGlynn said: “There were a few narrow decision about goals from both sides, but when you don’t have linesmen it makes things difficult.”